Things To Consider While Adopting Digital Workplace Solution

Things To Consider While Adopting Digital Workplace Solution

Organizations, irrespective of their size, age or sector need to embrace digital transformation solutions in a bid to remain competitive, especially in this fast-paced age.

Businesses that have migrated to a digital workplace tend to deliver commendable customer experiences. At the same time, digital workplace solutions also help organizations to make the most out of available opportunities before their rivals.

In simple words, adopting digital workplace solutions is the first step an organization can take when its board members have decided to implement an efficient digital transformation strategy across the enterprise.

So what exactly is a digital workspace solution?

The collection of reliable digital solutions that allows an enterprise to manage its existing (and future) daily operations is known as a digital workplace solution.

Benefits of adopting digital workspace solutions

The benefits of adopting digital workspace solutions are many and according to one of the leading work from home solution providers in Mumbai, the top four benefits are as follows.

  • Adopting digital workspace solutions can help businesses to reduce their overhead costs by many folds.
  • Brands and businesses that have adopted digital workspace solutions often witness a 43 % increase in their respective revenue-generating capabilities.
  • Digital workplace solutions boost two-way communication between lower and higher-level employees in organizations that have stepped into cloud based business infrastructures.
  • The adoption of digital workplace solutions also increases the productivity of remote workers at a rate of 77 % or more!

Challenges of adopting digital workspace solutions

As per the collective professional opinions of people associated with several leading digital transformation technology companies in Mumbai, Indian businesses still face a lot of challenges when they finally plan to implement digital workspace solutions. Some of those challenges are enunciated in the sections below.

  • Adopting digital workplace solutions always includes the step of transferring data from an organization’s onsite IT infrastructure to the cloud. The reallocation of data from onside storage devices to the cloud can lead to data security concerns.
  • Most of the time, business owners refrain from abandoning their legacy systems even when their businesses have migrated to a digital workplace. This step often leads to multiple data silos that are packed with redundant data.
  • Most businesses in India are yet to migrate to digital workspaces. Hence, it often becomes difficult for employers to convince their employees to give up the offline tools and processes that they are familiar with for digital workspace solutions.

Things to consider while adopting digital workspace solutions

As per the spokesperson of one of the best endpoint security service providers in Mumbai, before adopting digital workspace solutions, business owners need to consider the following things –

  • The digital workspace solution should enhance the productivity of the employees of the enterprise.
  • The digital workspace solution should be easy to use as it is the only way to keep the employees satisfied thus allowing the organization to retain its talented personnel.
  • The digital workplace solution should have technologies like mobility and cloud that would bridge the gap between employees and their productivity levels.

Best Practices for adopting digital workplace solution

  • It is best to first identify the problems that your business would go through or is going through currently. Then, one has to ensure that the digital workplace solution has features that can address the identified issues.
  • It is best to see to it that the digital workplace solution offers remote working solutions that address the bespoke needs of your employees by matching their remote working patterns.
  • It is best to implement a digital workplace solution in your enterprise only after you have figured out the ways that would help ease the transition of your enterprise from its onsite IT infrastructure to a cloud-based digital workplace solution.

Key features of Digital Workspace Solution

An efficient digital workspace solution should entail fool-proof features and some of those features look like the following –

Virtual desktop provisioning

Virtual provisioning is a fancy term for VSAN (Virtual Storage Network) based technology that allocates storage space on demand. This feature is a must in digital workplace solutions since it would reduce the requirement of configuring desktops every time a new employee joins the remote team.

Integrated application delivery

Integrated application delivery is the process of enabling individual applications to work seamlessly with one another. This feature can single-handedly allow enterprises to operate efficiently.

Built-in identity and access management

This is yet another ‘must-have’ feature in a digital workplace solution since built-in identity and access management ensures only authorised personnel can access the tools and resources of a business remotely.

Zero trust-based remote access

Zero trust-based remote access is yet another feature that any digital workplace solution should offer since it would help employees remotely access files, systems and resources without worrying about cyber criminals intercepting classified or sensitive data.

Network India Private Limited offers the best digital workspace solutions

Network Techlab India Private Limited is one of the leading providers of digital workplace solutions in India. NTIPL’s digital workplace solutions helped businesses across India to step into the digital era. One of those businesses was a boutique business legal firm that needed a secured VDI platform so that its employees can access pertinent applications and files remotely.

NTIPL’s objective was to ensure that the digital workplace solution they are designing for this legal firm entailed state-of-the-art data protection solutions. NTIPL used Accops HySecure on AWS infra cloud. The bespoke solution enabled the boutique legal firm to help its employees use corporate applications and desktops remotely in an efficient, fast, reliable and secure manner. Furthermore, the solution offered by NTIPL also allows the legal firm to access files and documents on the fly from any device.

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