What to expect from a real ZTNA Solution?

What to expect from a real ZTNA Solution?

The internet is more than just a global network of interconnected computers and servers. Presently, the Internet is at the core of every aspect of society and the lives of individuals. Corporations, governments and end users these days are all carrying out their respective roles and achieving objectives effectively thanks to the Internet.

In this context, it would be unwise to overlook the fact that recently, the rate of cybercrime globally has gone up. The value of personal, government and corporate data cannot be put into words. Hence, it has become essential for enterprises and individuals to prioritise IT security solutions like ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access).

Why ZTNA became so important these days in IT security?

ZTNA solutions allow users and applications to connect safely. At the same time, ZTNA solutions also offer unmatched data security. ZTA solutions are very effective when it comes to securing remote access requests for data that is not present within an organization’s secured cloud infrastructure. At the same time, ZTNA solutions also keep unauthorized users from accessing data outside of an organization’s proprietary cloud or traditional IT infrastructure.

What is Zero Trust?

As per the lead IT security expert associated with a reputed cyber security solution provider in Mumbai, Zero Trust is the technical term for a strategic approach prevalent in the cybersecurity sector.

The goal of Zero Trust is to secure an organization in the digital realm by eradicating implicit trust. This objective is achieved by ZTNA solutions through continuous validation of digital interactions at every step of the way.

Zero Trust cybersecurity strategy is built around the core idea of ‘trust only after verification’. Zero Trust solutions apply –

  • State-of-the-art authentication methods
  • Network segmentation
  • Lateral movement prevention
  • Layer seven (7) threat prevention protocol, etc.

Three principles of Zero trust

Zero Trust solutions rely primarily on three basic principles. They are enunciated in the sections below.

  • Explicit verifications – An ideal ZTNA solution will always authenticate and then authorize interaction requests using available data points like the identity and location of the user. Other parameters that will be under the proverbial magnifying glass of an ideal ZTNA solution are the health of the device, current workload of the device, classification of the requested data and anomalies with the request.
  • Make the best use of the ‘least-privilege access’ protocol – An ideal ZTNA solution would go ahead and limit user access with the help of JIT (just-in-time) or JEA (just-enough-access) policies. Furthermore, adaptive risk-based policies as well as data protection protocols will also be implemented in real-time in a bid to keep requested data safe without hindering productivity.
  • Always assuming that every access request is unwanted and malicious – An ideal ZTNA solution will readily minimize risks with the help of segment access, end-to-end encryption verifications and threat detection protocols thereby ensuring improved cyber defence at all times.

4 questions to know a real ZTNA Solutions

While consulting with a cyber security services company that offers ZTNA solutions, it would be best that one asks the following questions in a bid to ensure that they are partnering up with the right service provider.

  1. Does the ZTNA solution use ‘Device Identity’ as ‘Contextual Information’ when it is determining private application access request(s)?
  2. Does the ZTNA solution treat all requests as a ‘possible threat’?
  3. Does the ZTNA solution inspect all access request traffic?
  4. Does the ZTNA Solution require end-users to install additional components in their terminals for proper operation?

Explore Versa Networks while exploring ZTNA Solutions

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. offers Versa ZTNA solutions. Unlike other ZTNA solutions, Versa ZTNA offers end users and business managers a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits are mentioned below–

  • Improved network visibility.
  • Enhanced vulnerability management.
  • State-of-the-art breach detection.
  • Reduced expenses on operational cybersecurity solutions.
  • Impressive insight as well as awareness of data flowing through the network of the enterprise.
  • Prevention of malware infections and more.


ZTNA solution offers organizations and end users an effective security model that is capable of adapting to the ever-changing and complex digital environment. Furthermore, ZTNA solutions offered by leading IT solutions providers like Network Techlab India Pvt. Ltd. are also capable of digitally transforming an organization. Ideal ZTNA solutions will also protect users, proprietary apps and in-house devices as well as data irrespective of their respective locations. To learn more, contact experts from Network Techlab India Pvt. Ltd. by calling +91-8879004536 or by sending an email to

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