Reduce Cost on Electricity Bills & Safeguard the Environment!

Reduce Cost on Electricity Bills & Safeguard the Environment!

Concerned About Heavy Electricity Bills? Prudent About Environment, Changing Climate And Global Warming?

Heavy Electricity Bills

Deployment of Solar Energy Solution is a one-stop solution to combat all these complications!

Network Techlab possesses an in-house team that is well versed in the end to end solutions that includes processes like designing, engineering, procurement, construction, after-sales services, maintenance and monitoring from Capex to Opex of the entire solar project.

A large portion of the Solar energy comes from the Solar Panels installed on the rooftops of the houses and office buildings. This is a very efficient way of ensuring that the natural resources are not depleted at an astronomical rate.

We believe in providing Solar Energy Solutions for reducing Non-renewable energy usage and costs.

Our Solar Solutions and Services include:

  • Rooftop Solar
  • Ground Mounted Solar (Open Access)
  • On-grid Solar System
  • Off-grid Solar System
  • Hybrid Solar System
  • Solar Street Lights

Solar is a proven technology that has been made a mandate in most of the regions of India and has bounteous benefits both economically and environmental.

Below are few of the benefits of using solar:

  • Generate Solar Power up to 100% of your demand
  • 40% accelerated depreciation tax benefits
  • Become an independent Power Producer
  • 25 Years of warranty on Solar Panels
  • 5 Years of warranty on Solar Inverters
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Payback of Investments in 2-4 years for majority of the projects
  • Increase in property value

benefits of using solar

Network Techlab is renowned as the industry leaders of Solar Energy System Dealers, we offer free site visit and detailed Techno-Commercial proposal in a customized method.

Please get in touch with us at for any clarification or feel free to call us with your queries.

Abhishek Nagda | Business Development Manager | Mobile: – 8928005928
Samruddhi Mokal | Project Engineer | Mobile: – 9167995825

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