Instantly meet your qualitative productivity with Pro vitality functions of Surface Pro X

Instantly meet your qualitative productivity with Pro vitality functions of Surface Pro X


Technology and innovation has progressively changed the face of organizations globally. If we can calculate the past initiatives, a rise of trending technology has been tremendously made the work and activities even easier. Over the years, noticeably change has increased in huge opportunities and demand for such solutions in the market.

Well, we are going to understand and interact about such a solution today with impeccable functionalities and benefits. Surface Pro X is one of the pioneering solution that is intact with multi-tasking benefits & a peek technology that is throwing generation into the future.

Let’s learn and find some more interesting deal that can make this solution a compatible power pack product to go with.


Surface Pro X

This is a new concept that has been produced and developed by our official partner. Surface Pro X is a hybrid technology between Laptop and tablet respectively. With its qualitative features like touchscreen display, high end processor and RAM, pro functioning camera, greater wireless connection and instant assure of upgrade versions. Its significance is gaining over huge attraction in the global market with an arc of rising in demand for both – Office and work from home conceptualities. It perfectly balances the needs in order to derive exceptional outputs.


What are the inclusive features that Network Techlab is bestowing upon Surface Pro X?

  1. Expandable storage availability – 128, 256 & 512 GB.
  2. Battery life of 15 hours of device usage.
  3. PixelSense display with 10 point multi touch.
  4. RAM – 8 or 16 GB LPDDR4x.
  5. Seamless connection with 2 x USB-C, 1 x Surface connect support, 1 x Nano sim.
  6. Software – Surface Pro Xwith LTE: Windows 10 Home on ARM (upgrade to Windows 11 when available10).


How Surface Pro X makes your investment worth?

  1. A Hi-resolution edge to edge 13” quick responsive touchscreen display.
  2. Instant productivity with Microsoft processor that deliver fast performance of your organized work.
  3. Impressive flexibility that makes you works on every angle collectively.
  4. An ideal Pro for smooth connectivity.
  5. Microsoft extensive warranty with fast service support.


Surface Pro X with Pro mobility & versatility

We build the concept that promises to meet your instant requirements at the priority. We along with our official partners work upon an extensive idea that can make your work smart with timeless bounding that can produce qualitative productivity for your Business.

Our official partnership with Microsoft that keen to provide innovative solutions that can cater your demands simultaneously. Considering the valuable output, Microsoft is globally recognized as one of the leader in advanced technology.

The Microsoft Surface Pro X brings Windows 11 in a tablet, making it way more productive than an equivalent iPad. Even though it looks large like an iPad, it is considerably thinner and lighter; one can carry easily with extreme mobility. With its touchscreen functionality and wireless connectivity, it act as a hybrid between Laptop and Tablet subsequently. An ideal concept that can definitely meet your office and work from home necessities.

Over the information, it is a worth ROI technology that can fulfil your extremity. Moreover, we are here to provide limitless service support by 24*7 with an instant connection across all PAN India centres.


Our pre-sales and technical team is incharge of yours. Command your words and requirement so that our team can proactively work upon the research ideology and to ensure all the demands and questions are fulfilled promptly.


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