Command your conversation with Poly End to End solutions

Command your conversation with Poly End to End solutions

The modern world was never prepared for a pandemic and COVID-19 proved it. The global population had to change their way of life drastically and the changes were also apparent in the global corporate world.

Decentralization of business practices and infrastructures is the key to success for companies that survived the ‘lockdown’ days in the past couple of years and in case you also want to future proof your business against unforeseen circumstances like the still raging pandemic then you need to adopt remote working solutions and services offered by leading brands like Poly.

Poly is a California based company that provides end to end AV solutions for businesses along with a myriad of managed services.

The technologically superior audio and video products from Poly are ideal for modern business executives who want to decentralize their company by relying on state-of-the-art remote office hubs or home office stations.

Types Of Products From Poly

Poly products are available all over the globe.

In India, the American AV solutions and managed service provider works by partnering up with reputed audio video solution providers in Mumbai like Network Techlab.

The range of products available from Poly through Network Techlab is as follows –


  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • USB Headsets
  • Call Center Headsets
  • Accessories & Audio Processors

Conference phones

  • IP Conference Phones
  • USB/Bluetooth Speakerphones

Business phones

  • Desk Phones
  • Wireless Phone Systems

Video conferencing

  • Meeting Room Solutions
  • Personal Solutions & Webcams
  • Video Carts & Stations


  • Poly Lens – Device Management & Insights Solution
  • Poly Clariti – Private Video Conferencing Software
  • Poly RealConnect – Video Interoperability Solution For Microsoft Teams


  • Support Services – in the form of flexible support service options, assistance and technical expertise to help meet unique challenges faced by business executives daily.
  • Managed Services – in the form of managing daily technology management responsibilities that are available for businesses from all sectors.
  • Professional Services – in the form of planning, designing and deploying collaboration solution(s) that suits the unique requirements of your business.
  • Training Services – ideal for training your decentralized or traditional workforce about the proper and efficient use of collaboration solutions provided by Poly.

Benefits Of Poly Products And Services

  • Poly end to end solutions for remote working are not only cost-effective but technologically advanced as well.
  • All solutions offered by Poly are designed and engineered to increase interactions and efficiency in both traditional as well as decentralized working spaces.
  • All Poly products and services are known for their low operational costs.
  • Poly products and services are easy to integrate with existing corporate infrastructures, albeit decentralized or traditional.
  • All Poly products and services are known globally for the unique features they come with and the advanced technology they use.
  • All Poly AV conferencing products and services are compatible with both MS Teams as well as Zoom.

Importance Of Audio Video Solutions In Today’s Scenario

Business executives who quickly adopted decentralized business infrastructure managed to keep their ventures afloat and the ones that held on to traditional forms of running a company had to either let go of their employees or shut down their operations for good.

Adopting audio video solutions in today’s corporate scenario comes with many benefits. Some of them are enunciated in the sections below –

  • By adopting AV solutions ideal for remote working, business executives can make their ventures future-proof by making the most out of modern AV solutions like IP conference phones with inbuilt displays.
  • Connected remote working solutions can help company managers and their decentralized workforce to collaborate efficiently in a bid to complete time-sensitive projects within the set deadlines.
  • By adopting meeting room solutions, personal remote working solutions like webcams and video carts, modern business managers will be able to enhance interactions between employees.
  • Modern remote working solutions like Poly RealConnect – a video interoperability solution specifically designed for Microsoft Teams can help enhance productivity by many folds by bridging the gap between employers, employees and clients irrespective of their respective geographical locations.


In case you want to use Poly products in your company then you need to make sure that you have partnered up with Network Techlab – one of the leading video conferencing service providers in Mumbai. The company has been offering its services for the past 25+ years. It is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and is the official partner of Poly in India. To learn about the wide range of audio solutions from Poly offered in India by Network Techlab, please call +91-8879004536 or send an email at

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