Bring remote place closer with Teamwork using the Surface Hub 2S Interactive Display Solution

Bring remote place closer with Teamwork using the Surface Hub 2S Interactive Display Solution

Pandemic has made whole world devastated & effected over the large working areas, industries & commercial sector. Many Organizations, service sector has ordered employees to perform work from home activity and derive their output, also government asked education sector to conduct learning via online learning system. Hence many big conglomerates has come up with an advanced technology solutions that can facilitate everyone to perform best with their productivity.

Hence we are hereby introducing you all with an interactive display solution for a complete online learning system, meeting, conferencing and seminar. Surface Hub 2S cooperatively collaborates with your system and caters unimaginable experience anytime, anywhere. Let’s find some more interesting facts about this unique display solution.

What is Surface Hub 2S?

Surface Hub 2S is an immersive, elegant & intact interactive display solution created by Microsoft to cater you to perform beyond your imagination capability.

This Surface Hub 2S has high collaboration especially designed to perform for modernized Organization, education sector and workplaces which is constantly providing meeting & conferencing output for quality and productivity.

Top features & benefits:

  1. Making remote interaction feels closer and together.
  2. A complete new way of indulging experience.
  3. Cater over a large crowd.
  4. Teamwork, team management – anytime, anywhere.
  5. Fluid team collaboration.
  6. Instant manageability and security.
  7. Reliable connectivity.

Variety of Surface Hub 2S that Network Techlab is providing?

Being an official partner with Microsoft, Network Techlab is deriving multiple solutions for Business & Education sector. Here Surface Hub 2S comes in 2 different immersive variants –

  1. Surface Hub 2S 50” inches
  1. Surface Hub 2S 85” inches

Each of this variants has their own properties, features and benefits as per the customized requirement of Customers. Since pandemic situation and till date, Business & Education sector are still conducting & operating online system for their outputs.

Why Surface Hub 2S is a need for Business, Education today?

Network Techlab amplifies the value of its position at the intersection of thousands of vendor, reseller and retailer partners by customizing and delivering highly targeted applications for Organizational verticals, business to business customers and commercial needs. From provisioning solutions for system integrators working at the heart of the network to offerings through the full lifecycle of mobile devices, SMB to global enterprise software and computing, point of sale to cloud services, professional AV to physical security Network Techlab is trusted by customers to have the expertise and resources to help them define and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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