The dependency on IT infrastructure and systems has grown rapidly in recent years and has become an integral part of all the business processes. Thrive in Data Management, Data Centers, Edge Computing, and other technologies have shocked the world.

The progress is admirable, but emerging technologies also thrived in threats.  This threat could be an energy loss, data loss, excess and unwanted power usage, cyber-attack on multiple servers, or a massive downtime of an entire Data Center affecting your business operations drastically. The recovery process of such disasters or events is both laborious and tedious at the same time. These threats force organizations to diverge from their core business activities while trying to fix them.

What Is The Best Way To Eliminate Downtime?

  • Stop Problems Before They Start. The only reliable solution for enterprises to opt-in is AMC

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. providing customized Data Center AMC (Data Center Infrastructure Management) services to maintain the Data Center condition as per customer compliance requirements. Increasing Data Center performance, reducing costs and maintaining availability are top priorities for today’s Data Center Administrators.

In recent days, the idea of conserving resources while enhancing performance was next to impossible even to the most experienced IT and Facilities organizations. That was until Data Center Infrastructure Management came along.

Availing Data Center periodic preventive maintenance activity ensures the proper working condition of the entire IT Infrastructure and of your existing system. We at NTIPL, understand the criticality of your organization growth and how reliable your business is on the data center for smooth business functioning. Considering this, under Data Center (both Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive), we provide AMC for the below;

  1. Fire Alarm Systems
  2. Fire Suppression Systems
  3. Rodent Repellent Systems
  4. Access Control Systems
  5. VESDA Systems
  6. Water Leakage Detection Systems
  7. Environmental Monitoring Systems
  8. Power Management Systems (UPS, Batteries, Electrical Panels)
  9. Thermal Management Systems

All our technicians are specifically trained to work in live Data Center environments according to the Industry and ISO Standard Protocols.

NTIPL understands that every facility has its own unique requirements, so we tailor-make our services to fit your company. Signing an AMC has a variety of reasons to affect the growth of an enterprise positively. Some of the top reasons are;

  1. Maintain Data Center uptime and Energy goals
  2. Maintain Data Center compliance requirement
  3. Monitor and provide all logs related to Data Center
  4. Manage and map all vendor’s SLA as per business need. Work as a single SPOC for customer
  5. Data Center Infrastructure Management services are along with Physical Security
  6. Data Center cleanliness by Data Center Professionals
  7. Periodic Audit of Power and Airflow System and their closure report
  8. FM200 management

Undoubtedly, IT Infrastructure and System maintenance is a pain in the neck. AMC would turn out a stress reliever as you outsource maintenance contracts to reliable IT providers. This strategy helps enterprises to solve complex issues that could not be handled by in-house IT engineers.

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