We here at Network Techlab India enabled a major AI Development firm based in India to manage their data efficiently.

A technologically advanced server was provided to a major AI Development firm based in India.


A leading AI Development firm




AI and Machine Learning

Solution Offered –

Procuring, transporting, and matching the price point

Overview –

A major software development firm who is an industry leader AI and Machine Learning required an advanced high-end server for effectively load balancing their data which we provided.

Challenges –

The client was facing load balancing issues because they didn’t have a redundant server. So we had to match the specifications of the new server to those of the old servers to meet compliance norms.

Our technical team had to scour deep within the market to find the required product within the given financial constraint.

Solutions offered by NTIPL –

We here at Network Techlab India provided a technologically advanced high-end server which could easily accomplish load balancing tasks without getting heated up.

Benefits –

A server can mitigate hardware issues with one device (be it motherboard, hard drive or power supply) that may otherwise bring work to a screeching halt.

A server can eliminate the risk of unauthorised data breaches by assigning individual users specific access rights.

Conclusion –

In short, we here at Network Techlab India provide all types of servers and storages and other IT infrastructure on a rental basis so that businesses can expand their computing capabilities at an affordable cost.

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