Efficient laptops at very flexible and affordable rental schemes.

Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd provided highly competent laptops to one of the leading companies in the education and training domain enabling them to carry out their day-to-day business operations effectively.


One of the leading companies in the education and training.



Domain – 


Solution Offered –

30 Laptops on rent.

Overview –

Laptops with very high processing power and exceptional computational efficiency were required by one of the leading skill training companies. NTIPL provided laptops that helped the organization to efficiently perform computationally intensive, research, engineering, and graphical tasks. The laptops delivered have very high computational power when it comes to deploying an intensive processing or graphical task.

Challenges –

The main challenge was to match the combination of the system’s specific configuration requested by our esteemed client.  Another challenge was to procure the laptops in time considering the financial strain that our client had to bare and deliver the laptops within their desired price range.

Solutions offered by NTIPL –

NTIPL’s experienced tech team dived deep into the tech market and procured thirty high-end laptops that matched the client’s rare product specification requirement and that too within the given deadline. Our team also had to reassess our margin for this particular project so that we could effectively deliver the laptops to the client without exerting a monetary strain on their financial budget. Innovation was required because the combination of system configurations that the client requested was not easy to procure from the market. Also, we had to operate under strict financial constraints that were applicable due to our client’s tight financial budget. Our team had to go through multiple renders of budgets and thorough market research to find the perfect laptops that would match our esteemed client’s unique request.

Why Innovation was required?

  1. Latest Configurations
  2. Quality and durable products
  3. Affordable Prices
  4. Flexible Schemes
  5. Rental as well as leasing options

Conclusion –

Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd delivered laptops along with customer satisfaction to a big training and education institution based in Mumbai effectively optimizing the organization’s computational capacity and helping them to operate their day day-to-day business operations with maximum efficiency.


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