Leading health nutrition company built their e-commerce store using AWS and WordPress

Network Techlab helped in setting up cloud server for health nutrition company and delivered a successful ecommerce store with maximum uptime

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AWS Cloud Hosting Services


AWS Cloud Services


The company is fastest growing nutraceutical consultant and providing various type of products for health and lifestyles. Beauty, Body care, Edible Oil, hair Care, Herbal Churn Tea and Beverages are some their products. Company has an online store where all these products are listed and users can buy directly from website. Users visit website from multiple locations and buy these products. As company, company staff has to keep eye one website and deliver the orders on timely basis. Managing this order was required a structured way to track and ship the orders as per process. Also, Company needs to ensure that website is up every time as they are generating their revenue from website.


The Company was having basic website and they wanted to upgrade to Ecommerce website using WordPress Platform so that thy can manage easily in the backend. Multiple orders from multiple regions, delivery management and tracking of the orders needed to be done as per the process on the correct timelines. Company was looking for dynamic website server where they can host their website and run the ecommerce store without any downtime.

Deploying website wasn’t an easy task, many activities aligned to make ecommerce store live such as creating server, deploying necessary services on the server to install word press. Maintenance, Backup and Auditing of compute storage for website was happening manually. Company wanted to centralized and automate this process to maintain the uptime.

Solution and Benefits:

A LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack, which is one for a server architecture that supports WordPress, Team Network Techlab successfully deployed this and provided Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database, and PHP programming language. We installed and set up WordPress via LAMP on a Linux Ubuntu 18.04 server.

After installation E-commerce website is built using beautiful themes that are responsive & customizable. Unlimited bandwidth. possible, Thanks to AWS Web Services. SSL also installed on website for an extra layer of security.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service and the WordPress & Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to build a production hosting environment, this helps in case of downtime events. Backup Image helps in restoring Website. AWS, more specifically EC2, VPC, S3 has the advantages of rapid deployment, unlimited scaling, load balancing and Global distribution abilities added to website.

Architecture :

LAMP is a software stack designed to host web content, with WordPress e-commerce website configuration with various products, Snapshot of EC2 also configured for backup of server.

In some modern installations, another programming language can be plugged into that “P” position. And some developers substitute MariaDB for MySQL. But the MySQL/PHP version is the classic LAMP stack. So we have used PHP with latest version. ECommerce website configured with required configuration.

After Installation of WordPress, we have also configured CPU & RAM SNS topics for Alarm base email, If RAM or CPU overload then automatic email will triggered. In this we have used CloudWatch.

  • Security Groups, Roles & IAM (Identity & Access Management) Rules
  • Flow Logs
  • VPC
  • ENI
  • EC2
  • WordPress


With WordPress, its Cloud first strategy to streamline and accelerate business operations by building an AWS Cloud infrastructure, an initiative that ultimately also supported the company so it could succeed in uncertain times. They are now able to onboard more customers significantly faster than they could by using their in-house solution on other shared server. Also, on AWS, they can quickly scale their production stack as dynamically as their workloads scale. For example, they can now easily increase their storage footprint and compute footprint utilizing AWS highly scalable features.

Benefits Achieved:

1. Faster buying process
2. Store and product listing creation
3. Cost reduction.
4. Affordable advertising and marketing
5. Flexibility for customers
6. No reach limitations.
7. Product and price comparison
8. Faster response to buyer/market demands
9. Several payment modes.

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