Eassyserve automate their backup with AtmosVault, enabled Data Protection through Cloud Backup

Network Techlab enables automation through setting up cloud backup for Easyserve, seamless data backup on AWS and schedule with AtmosVault.



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AtmoVault Backup Automation
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Eassyserve is a business SaaS application that allows you to book any service, any place at 24×7. One the go you can book an appointment at your favorite hair salon, or you can call your favorite hairstylist over to your home. All your favorite categories are available on eassyserve app. The company wanted to back up their user-level data to prevent data loss.


In the existing situation, company used to take their backup of workstations on a local computer using LAN connectivity. As all data was store on the local computer and there was no offsite local backup happening. This was created a need for robust and automatic backup solution that will enable data protection for the company.

Solution :

Network Techlab engaged with Eassy innovations Services for migration of their user’s data to Amazon S3 [Cloud Backup Service of Amazon]. This helped them to improve local desktop storage that fundamentally improved desktop performance. AtmosVault helped in enriching data value through live dashboards and analytics.  We have designed, integrated and delivered A complete data protection solution to automate the backup and recovery of files and folders.

Now companies can manage their IT function in a more structured manner, Reliable Backup with Central Management System enables data utilization with ease. Integration is possible with Amazon Web Services and S3 bucket cloud storage services so that if there is an extension required into web service is possible easily.

Architecture :

Any big or small mistake can result in the involuntary file lost while working on the computer. Without realizing the importance of files humans can overwrite important files or delete information that may be essential for your business. Hard drive damage liquid spills, software corruption and hard drive formatting are liquid spills, software corruption and hard drive formatting are acclaimed reasons for data loss.

Automation helps you to minimize the amount of human interaction with data and reduces the risk of overwriting. It saves time for your IT department and helps them to look at broader decisions. It can also be used to preserve previous data states. AtmosVault enables you with easy-to-use software to backup and protects your data. The software offers backup support for any internal or external drive. Create copies of files, databases and hard drives to prevent data loss. Software restore original contents at the time of disaster and this will be managed by experts from Network Techlab.


  • Achieved Significant Cost Saving with Atmosvault and Amazon S3
  • Resiliency through low-cost storage, disaster recovery & Protection
  • Automated data backup scheduling enables smooth operations
  • Secure cloud backup with encryption achieves compliance

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