IPDU and Rack Static Transfer Switch (STS)

Intelligent, Reliable and Efficient Rack Power Distribution Available In Days, Not Weeks – Perfectly Configured For all IT Applications

Increasing the efficiency of your rack power density both in the Data Center and at the network edge means that reliable power distribution is vital. Our innovative and intelligent power distribution units and rack PDUs not only maintain power, but they also enable us to support your IT Infrastructure in any challenges. From basic PDUs to monitored and switched rack power distribution units, to locking receptacles; our solutions will offer the Power distribution you need, so you can rest assured everything is running at its peak performance.

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a type of electrical component that distributes and manages electricity supply to computers, servers, and networking devices within a Data Center and IT environment. It provides a central unit to control and distribute electricity across the Data Center components. It can’t generate power, but it delivers AC or DC power from an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), a generator or utility power to your remote equipment.

Our PDU and Rack STS family includes:

Telecom | Data Center/Colocation/Hosting | Manufacturing | Industrial | Transportation | Healthcare

There are several types of IPDU and Rack STS, including:

NTIPL’s Power Distribution Unit (PDU) provides reliable Data Center Power Distribution for both Raised and Non-raised floor applications. To deliver effective power management and monitoring, the NTIPL in association with Vertiv’s PDU incorporates the Energy Management System, optimizing both utilization and availability down to the branch circuit level. With a huge PDU solution portfolio, we believe in delivering real-time monitoring for power quality status and fast response to power-related events.

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