Geist Rack PDU

Geist Rack PDUs will ensure your edge infrastructure is powered reliably and efficiently from the beginning.

Being in association with Vertiv for such a long time as their Enterprise Business Partner, we offer all the latest technological products that include a wide range of Monitored and Switched rPDUs equipped with a network interface to allow for remote monitoring, management, and automated alerts. These units offer important insights on how to improve Data Center Energy Efficiency while enabling you to prevent downtime, providing notifications when user-specified thresholds for Power and Environmental conditions are breached.

Geist Rack PDU

Best Suited For:

Banking, Financial and Insurance | Broadcast, and Entertainment | Construction and Engineering | Data Center/Colocation/Hosting \ | Education | Government | Manufacturing | Military, Defense, Aerospace and Missile | Power Generation, Power/Gas Transmission and Distribution | Professional Services | Retail and Wholesale | Telecom

Enhance business agility, efficiency and availability with our Geist Rack PDUs

  • Configurations include switched, monitored and basic rack PDUs
  • 60°C working ambient variants for high-temperature environments
  • Compact size to install in tight spaces
  • Color-coded U-Lock receptacles to secure power cords and avoid accidental disconnections
  • Increased efficiency, reduced energy costs
  • Monitor and manage critical power data in your facility
  • 3-year warranty, 5-year warranty if registered after purchase from the manufacturer
  • Expert support and service with the Distribution Assurance Package

All our Data Center products are produced with a mindset of reliable and efficient and that has made it possible to produce high-quality products while providing you with superior service and value. Whether it is providing excellent customer service or implementing new technologies, NTIPL promotes innovation, quality, and satisfaction in all aspects of the business.

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