Your security operation challenges, our one solution

Your security operation challenges, our one solution

Businesses these days often fall short when it comes to preparing their infrastructure against malicious cyber attacks. One of the best ways to prepare an organization in a manner that cybercriminals could not even come close to penetrating an organization is to set up a SOC. Here SOC stands for Security Operations Center. A SOC protects an organization against malicious cyber attacks by performing 24/7 network monitoring and investigations of potential as well as imminent security incidents.

The global Security Operations Center market had a net worth of USD 5.39 billion back in 2021. Experts estimate that the sector will continue to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.2%.

An expert associated with the managed SIEM service sector recently stated in an interview that SOCs play a major role to make an enterprise –

  • Support its daily business operations
  • Enhance its profit-making capabilities
  • Achieve and retain its compliance with local, national and international guidelines
  • Protect its internal and remote IT infrastructures against localized as well as digital security breaches.

What business benefits you can derived after Implementing SOC?

Brands and businesses in India these days seek help from the best SOC companies in Mumbai as by doing so, organizations can reap the following benefits –

  • SOCs prevent security breaches from occurring.
  • SOCs hunt for threats constantly and when found, the threats are neutralized thus eradicating the chances of future attacks.
  • SOCs allow organizations to have increased control over their onsite security systems thus allowing business owners to remain one step ahead of cyber criminals at all times.
  • SOCs entail rapid response when a breach occurs thus allowing businesses to minimize monetary losses and losses to their reputation.
  • Remote SOCs are up and running 24/7 thus allowing techpreneurs and entrepreneurs to rest assured as their respective ventures are shielded against cyber attacks at all times!

Problems faced by businesses that want to set up an in-house SOC

As per the professional opinion of a spokesperson for one of the leading SOC as a service providers in Mumbai, some of the problems business owners faces when they want to set up an in-house SOC are mentioned in the sections below.

  • Entrepreneurs often could not find experienced and trained personnel who are fit to be a part of or even lead an in-house SOC.
  • Most personnel tasked with running the cybersecurity cells of organizations are adept in traditional security protocols. Hence, the reallocation of such personnel to a sophisticated in-house SOC team would not yield positive results.
  • Knowledge – Cybersecurity experts who do not have the latest knowledge prevalently used in top remote SOCs fail to keep an organization safe in the event of a cyber attack. Hence, setting up an in-house SOC is not a good idea, to be honest.
  • Process – most SOC solutions providers follow outdated processes that are not suitable to counter modern and aggressive means of malicious attacks initiated by the present generation of cybercriminals.
  • Budget Allocation – brands often refrain from allocating financial resources to SOC solutions
  • Tools and Technology – businesses often fail to secure the right tools and technology that an in-house SOC needs to perform efficiently.
  • Limited analytics and filtering as well as limited automation and integration in in-house SOCs lead to missed threat investigations and mitigation processes thus allowing cybercriminals to exploit ignored back doors present in the IT infrastructure of an organization.

AtmosSecure managed SOC is the right way to tightly secure digital business

Running and maintaining an in-house SOC is a costly affair. This is the reason why visionary entrepreneurs and technopreneurs these days seek providers of SOC as a service. If the person reading this post is also looking for a SOC solution provider for their venture then they should contact AtmosSecure. AtmosSecure is one of the premier providers of bespoke SOC solutions to brands of all sizes and belonging from all sectors. AtmosSecure Ltd. helps business owners to set up Security Operation Centers for their organizations that ultimately strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructures of businesses. Furthermore, AtmosSecure managed SOC solutions entail attributes that increase automation thus allowing a business to improve its response time against cyber attacks. Furthermore, AtmosSecure managed SOC solutions are malleable. Hence, it is easy for an entrepreneur or techpreneur to have access to actionable data that can be used by the SOC of their venture in a bid to simplify investigations of cyber attacks. On top of this, AtmosSecure managed SOC solutions help brands and businesses to consistently identify, investigate and mitigate possible as well as immediate cyber threats. For more details, please call +91 8879004536 or send an email to[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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