What are Managed Print Services (MPS) and how does it offer value?

What are Managed Print Services (MPS) and how does it offer value?

Managed print services (MPS) are offered by an expert team to assess, optimize, and perpetually manage an organization’s document output environment to structure print usage strategy, minimize costs, enhance productivity, boost efficiency, and minimize risks. These services are offered under a contract driven by service level agreements generally for a term of 3-5 years. Most organizations try to eliminate costs by hiring the most affordable print services for their mass printing jobs and these days most of the managed print service providers offer their services at a much cheaper price segment making the businesses/organizations confused about which one to opt for.

Let us see how managed print services offer value to a workplace-

  • Minimal turnaround time for on-site support for printer repair

The team of standard managed print service providers is always vigilant of the whereabouts of the respective printers that an organization or business incorporates. So, when the time comes for a particular repair of a printer, the team pitches in with a fast response with all repairing tools and advanced software to retrieve all data related to that printer. Here most of the managed print services utilize smartphones that provide quick access to their backend service module which showcases data related to the respective printer.

  • Toner and supply

Delivery of the toner at the correct time is very much vital for an organization. These days managed print service providers incorporate monitoring software that alerts the team when it is high time for a toner change.

  • Data retrieval, IoT, and Predictive Analytics

Most of the organizations in the metro cities like Mumbai, prefer advanced machinery. The same goes for the organizations in those places using advanced printers that come with the Internet of Things (IoT). This helps in predictive analytics and gauging changes like vibrations and temperature which helps the team to proactively make informed decisions. Agencies offering managed print solutions in Mumbai, catch problems early in printers via the software which is always monitoring the respective printers hence optimizing business uptime and avoiding costs.  This state-of-the-art software incorporated by the renowned managed print service providers offers the highest mode of security which helps industries like banks and hospitals. It also provides monthly reports to optimize service levels, perpetuate toner replenishing, and notify when the device needs attention for repair.

  • Device management

Managed print service providers offer the optimal structuring and solutions for device management. This includes the device placement, relocations, and replacement decisions making the entire print ecosystem a responsive one maximizing user uptime.

  • All-in-one invoice integrating all print management services

Imagine a single invoice with all the details of the managed print services that one has availed in a month. This will minimize a lot of time for the accounts payable team of an organization because it will make the process predictable and easier. In this scenario, an organization can integrate multiple invoices for service calls incurred and toner orders throughout the respective month into a single comprehensive one.

  • Timely reporting

Standard managed print service providers collect updates continuously and generate varied reports to help gather the status of the print ecosystem of the particular business or organization. For example, if someone needs to have a color print of a particular trend, this compatibility information can be generated from the reports and actions can be taken well in advance.

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