Steps to strengthen your Cloud Security

Steps to strengthen your Cloud Security

Cloud computing is the new norm for the global corporate sector. Whether it is a small online marketing firm in Texas or an FMCG brand in Mumbai, every small, medium and large-scale enterprise is replacing their respective in-house traditional IT infrastructure for cloud based solutions.

The primary reason for shunning traditional IT infrastructures in favour of cloud solutions is that brands that have migrated to the cloud can readily implement necessary technology in their business operations such as –

  • IoT/OT adoption
  • 5G-based long-range communication channels and
  • Implementation of all necessary as well as latest solutions that support work-from-home employee culture.

While implementing cloud solutions has opened up new avenues for the global corporate sector, the technology has also paved the way for a myriad of cybersecurity concerns.

So how can one strengthen the security of the cloud solutions they have chosen for their brand?

Well, cloud solutions designed for a particular brand can be made impenetrable when one takes the steps mentioned below.

Policies and Procedures

According to the lead network security analyst associated with one of the best cloud computing service providers in Mumbai, the primary step that an entrepreneur should take to strengthen the cloud-based infrastructure designed for their venture is to make sure that one has formulated and implemented bespoke yet comprehensive policies that would keep cyber threats at bay.

Access Management

There are many ways to ensure that the cloud infrastructure designed for a brand remains inaccessible to anyone outside of the venture. And the best way to do that is to ensure that proper physical and digital access control measures are implemented all across the digital and physical access points of the brand.


Spokespersons associated with the leading AWS cloud service providers also advised business owners to remember that one must choose a cloud service provider who would take most of the responsibility to keep the cloud network secure. Entrepreneurs need to avoid cloud solutions providers who are new in the sector or do not have reliable and positive testimonials (or referrals) to back their claims.

Backup and Data Recovery

Data is the most important commodity in this digital age. To put things into perspective, unofficially, data is a form of currency that small, medium and large-scale brands use and barter to stay ahead of the proverbial curve. Hence, misplacing or losing source copies of business-critical data will surely put a brand years behind its rivals. Hence, to keep this from happening, periodic backups should be made of data in several data centres so that a brand has several redundant copies of important data that it uses if the source data vault(s) are subjected to a ransomware attack, a malware attack or has fallen prey to an act of god. On top of this, a brand should make sure that it has subscribed to a tried and tested data recovery service that is designed to meet its unique needs so that downtimes and instances of reputation loss can be minimised.

Security Risk Patches and Updates

Cloud solutions experts also recommend business owners who are using cloud solutions in their venture make sure that their systems connected to the cloud are updated with the latest security patches in a bid to keep the systems impenetrable.

Logging and Monitoring

In the aftermath of a security breach, a brand can take at least half a year to recover from the mishap. In the meantime, cloud security experts recommend that all system activities of a brand are logged in detail so that they can be analysed when the brand is back to its normal digital state.

Data Encryption

Industry-leading experts associated with top cloud security assessment service providers in Mumbai state that data encryption should never be skipped. The reason is simple. With the help of encryption, even when data vaults are breached, as long as the keys to the encrypted data are secured, the breached data in the hands of cybercriminals will be useless.

Choose Network Techlab Services for Cloud Adoption and Cloud Security

With the increase in the adoption of cloud solutions across all sectors of the economy, cloud security and compliance issues are also increasing exponentially. Hence, it is important for business owners that recently implemented cloud solutions to their ventures to seek help from a reputed provider of cloud security assessment services like Network Techlab India Pvt. Ltd.

Why choose NTIPL?

NTIPL has what it takes to keep sensitive data secure all the while sorting out risky cloud configurations in a bid to keep –

  • Cloud network threats
  • Host vulnerabilities
  • Unauthorised access
  • Suspicious user activities
  • Data breach and
  • Malware attacks at bay.

NTIPL has a large team of cloud experts who are certified, experienced and highly skilled. Furthermore, NTIPL also uses industry-leading machine learning as well as rule-based security policies to detect and deter threats. NTIPL has been offering its IT solutions to SMBs as well as MNCs since 1996. For more details, please call +91 8879004536 or send an email to

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