Why an organization should look into Video Analytics?

Why an organization should look into Video Analytics?

Video analytics is slowly becoming the norm alongside surveillance systems for both businesses and industrial complexes Video analytics solutions work in tandem with surveillance systems that result in the deliverance of quick solutions to real-world problems.

Surveillance systems can only do so much and the challenges of standalone video surveillance can be addressed with video analytics.

What is video analytics?

Video analytics is a category of software that acts as an artificially intelligent pair of eyes. The role of video analytics software is to constantly monitor all the incoming surveillance footage from every camera unit of a surveillance system.

How businesses can benefit from video analytics?

Your business can benefit from video analytics in the following ways –

It makes your business safe, efficient and profitable

Video analytics helps businesses to protect their customers and employees. This, in turn, allows the business to improve its overall –

  • Operations
  • Efficiency factor and
  • Profitability factor.

It helps in keeping the parking lot(s) of your business safe

Often parking lots of businesses become crime scenes. Hence, customers often choose not to shop at a store or employees choose not to work at a company that has unmonitored parking lots.

Video analytics, working in tandem with surveillance systems can detect an ill-doer from a patron by taking note of the former’s gesture. Video analytics solutions can also be trained to identify guns and melee weapons. Hence, when it comes to keeping the parking lots of businesses safe, deploying video analytics solutions alongside surveillance systems should be the norm.

It keeps your workforce inline

It keeps your workforce in line by monitoring their activities. This helps in the reduction of unprofessional behaviour in workplaces and also keeps lacklustre attitude in check.

Applications of video analytics

Video analytics has widespread applications in places of business and industrial complexes alike.

Some of the most common applications of video analytics are as follows –

  • Motion Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Vehicle registration plate Recognition
  • Headcounts in larger premises
  • Queue monitoring in retail outlets and parking spaces

Industrial applications of video analytics

The industrial applications of video analytics are many.

Some of the most prominent ones are mentioned below –

  • Video analytics keep tabs on the incoming video feed from the surveillance cameras. It allows the system to alert the authorities in case the feed has been hacked into or if the camera stops working. In simple terms, surveillance camera tampering can be kept at bay with video analytics.
  • Video analytics is similar to a set of digital eyes that keep tabs on the video feeds from the surveillance cameras for anomalies like fire, smoke and leaks.
  • Video analytics also allows industrial complex owners to be aware of the overall condition of industrial vessels and holding tanks. This keeps the tanks and vessels in their top condition and incidents at bay.
  • Gas leaks in industrial complexes are not new and with video analytics solutions working in tandem with surveillance systems, they can be averted at the nick of time. Video analytics taps into the infrared capabilities of surveillance cameras in a bid to look for gas leaks. In case it notices a leak, the authorities are alerted right away.

Network Techlab and its expertise in video analytics

Network Techlab is the provider of the best professional video surveillance systems in Mumbai for businesses and industrial complexes alike. They are also proficient in offering video analytics solutions for various industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Heavy Industry Production, Oil and Gas and sensitive premises such as data centres.

The company uses a mix of both video analytics technology and wireless as well as wired CCTV equipment to meet the video analytics requirements of its clients.

The best part about NTIPL and its video analytics services is that they are ready to be integrated with Access Control Systems as well as fire and intrusion detection systems.

NTIPL is one of the top video surveillance companies in Mumbai and for the right reasons. The firm has been in this sector for more than 25 years!


Video analytics is steadily becoming the norm. Businesses and industrial complexes can benefit a lot from this technology. The only catch here is that one must avail video analytics services from the veterans in the sector. In case you are also looking for a reliable provider of video analytics services then consult Network Techlab. The Mumbai-based firm has been excelling in this sector among others for the better part of 25+ years. Connect with them via call +91-8879004536/ and email at or visit their corporate office at 41, Sarvodaya Ind. Est., Off. Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093

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