Top Electrical Services that increase Uptime for your DC facility and UPS

Top Electrical Services that increase Uptime for your DC facility and UPS

Data centers are the lifelines of modern IT infrastructure. Data centers also play a huge role for companies who rely on them to store their business-critical data or the data of their clients.

In this context, it is also best to keep in mind that data centers need to remain operational round the clock and the only way to do that is to ensure that the data center is backed by reliable UPS systems.

Do you really need maintenance services for the data center facilities and UPS systems?

Sure, electronic pieces of equipment in a data center along with the support systems that keep a data center running can operate without hiccups for years without any means of periodic preventative maintenance but that is not the way of the wise.

Every electronic device needs periodic preventative maintenance in order to keep it from breaking down as well as to keep it efficient in terms of its power consumption figures and overall performance.

Data centers are the backbones of the IT infrastructure of a company and in order to keep them functional, one need to subject them to periodic preventative maintenance.

Furthermore, UPS systems that act as backup power for data centers too need periodic preventative maintenance as it is the only way to keep the lead-acid batteries in their prime condition so that they can keep the data center running in case of a power failure on site or due to a blanket blackout in the vicinity of the company.

Which is the best data center maintenance and UPS systems maintenance service provider in Mumbai?

That would be Network Techlab and the reason is simple – they are experts in the services they offer and the sectors they cater to. Furthermore, the company has been operating for more than 25 years which means they have the skills, the contacts, the resources, the reputation and the workforce they need to sell themselves as one of the top maintenance service providers for data centers and UPS systems. It is no wonder that one can see the name of the company as soon as they type, ‘battery health monitoring systems near me’ on their computer!

Benefits of the services offered by Network Techlab

There are several reasons why your business needs to avail the data center UPS systems maintenance services. Some of those reasons are mentioned in the sections below –

To reduce downtime

Network Techlab, has been offering its services to companies all over India for a little over 25 years now. This means that the company has the resources, the experience and the workforce to ensure your business does not suffer from downtimes. Downtimes mean losses and if you want to keep your company from losing money then let Network Techlab help you.

To increase the life of the device

All the electronic equipment that makes up the data center and UPS infrastructure in your place of business is worth a lot of money which is why you need to do all that in your power to make sure that the operational life of that electronic equipment is enhanced for as long as practically possible. Network Techlab and its annual preventative maintenance services specifically designed for the data center and the UPS equipment in your company will help you in this matter. They have been offering excellent services to their huge clientele for more than 25 years now! It is no wonder that one can see the name of this company in the SERP of leading search engines like Google when one types keywords like, ‘power quality audit near me.’

To increase the efficiency of the system

Preventative maintenance of the data center and UPS equipment at your place of business will also increase the efficiency of the same. With preventative maintenance, soon-to-fail components will be replaced with new genuine parts that will not only enhance the overall efficiency of the data center equipment and UPS equipment at your place of business but also ensure that these pieces of equipment are not wasting energy.

Services included in NTIPL portfolio (Bold sections are non-billable as they are taken from client website and left as it is)

NTIPL is your one-stop-shop for all your data center and UPS equipment maintenance requirements as it offers a whole range of services. Details about them are as follows –


Our specialized anti-static cleaning services will protect your storage media and other important infrastructure assets, as well as your staff while you continue your up-time operations. Our experienced Data center cleaning staff is comprised of technically skilled specialists that have gone through extensive background checks for high-security clearance, and have gained expertise cleaning hundreds of Datacenters across the country. Each employee attends comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure the strictest standards of excellence are upheld and to stay informed on the latest in technology equipment and best practices.

Power quality analysis

Power Quality and Reliability is the key to the successful delivery of the quality product and uninterrupted operation of industry, be it conventional or service sector. It is now even more critical to the industry, pursuing Energy Efficiency (EE) because of the increasing application of electronic loads and digital controllers which are sensitive to the quality of power supplied. These can have serious economic consequences and cost businesses millions of rupees each year in revenue loss, process improvements, opportunity loss, equipment failure, electrical hazards like fire and scrapped products. Any such incident reflects adversely in specific energy consumption (SEC) by an industry.

Harmonic study

We are leaders in providing the finest spectrum of Harmonic Studies comprising of highly certified engineers that are widely acclaimed in the industry. Rendered by professionals with years of expertise in this industry, these services are furnished in a way that they can attain optimum quotients of satisfaction for our clients. Apart from all this, our Harmonic Services are popular in markets, owing to their cost-effective rates and accuracy.


We are leaders in providing the finest spectrum of Thermography services that are widely acclaimed in the industry. Rendered by professionals with years of expertise in this industry, these services are furnished in a way that they can attain optimum quotients of satisfaction for our clients. Apart from all this, our Thermography services are popular in markets, owing to their cost-effective rates and accuracy.

Structured cabling

We offer a unique and flexible structured cabling solution that is adjustable to frequent relocations, any kind of changes in networking or infrastructure without any workflow disruptions. The efficient network system speeds up data transfer immensely and reduces costs to a large extent.

Datacenter assessment

NTIPL data center audit and assessment engagements cover all aspects of data center Power & Electrical, Cooling & Mechanical, Civil & Architecture, Safety & Security, IT & Telecom and all the feasible components of legacy disciplines and much more, compiling to over 2,000 criteria across the data center ecosystem.

Electrical assessment

The audit of energy consumption is a specialized process. It takes thorough knowledge and expertise in multiple fields to estimate design, commission and performance monitor projects for energy conservation. And our energy-saving efforts do not end there. We have an expert team of Mechanical, Chemical and Instrumentation Engineers who not only conduct the audit survey but also train end-users in key energy-oriented functional areas such that energy is utilized most efficiently. Efforts are targeted to reflect savings of fuel and electricity in the actual energy bill. The systems we provide live up to standards of operation accepted worldwide and our training programs are intended to help our clients to improve the quality of operations such that wastage is almost totally eliminated.


NTIPL has developed a full range of earthing products and services to defend and prevent all the assets of an organization and thus secure the infrastructure from lightning hazards. Below are a few major points to be considered about Earthing System.

Battery testing and monitoring (IR testing)

NTIPL has a dedicated team of experienced and expert technicians who have all the modern devices used in analyzing, recording and monitoring critical battery operating parameters required by many government and safety regulatory agencies.

NTIPL posses an online battery monitoring and data management system with test analysis and remote monitoring control capabilities. It is capable of automatic monitoring, displaying and recording of different battery parameters. Data recorded can be transferred to a remote central computer via various protocols such as RS-232, Wi-Fi, GPRS or TCP/IP.

Support available as a service provider

Network Techlab is one of the leading IT service provider company in Mumbai which is why they understand the importance of offering round the clock support to their clients.

How do they accomplish that!?

Well, NTIPL offers their commendable round the clock support all thanks to the following USPs –

  • Expert Technician at Your Disposal – as soon as your company hires NTIPL as its sole provider of data center and UPS infrastructure maintenance service provider, NTIPL will assign a dedicated point of contact for your company. Furthermore, your company will also be assigned with a dedicated technician who will be adept at making data center and UPS system problems go away with ease!
  • 24 Hours Emergency Support – NTIPL also has a dedicated emergency response team that can reach your place of business at any time of the day, 365 days a year within an hour from the time you have placed a call with the company and sought their emergency support services when the data center or the UPS equipment at your place of business are acting out!
  • Increased System Efficiency – NTIPL uses all genuine spare parts manufactured by OEM brands of data center and UPS equipment. This means that every time you call NTIPL technicians at your place of business for annual maintenance, in case a part or two needs to be changed, you would not need to worry as genuine spares will be used. This will ensure that the data center or the UPS equipment at your place of business will become more efficient.
  • Expert Service Reports and Solutions – apart from helping your company in the unique ways mentioned above, NTIPL will also provide you with detailed service reports that will also contain information about the solutions NTIPL will provide you with. This is their way of ensuring that complete transparency is maintained in every business transaction.



For more details, feel free to get in touch with Network Techlab by sending an email at or by calling them at +91 22668 14141 / +91 22405 64141 / +91 88790 04536. You can also visit the company headquarters which is located at 41, Sarvodaya Ind. Est., Off. Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093.

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