Reasons Why Your Business Needs An EPABX Solution

Reasons Why Your Business Needs An EPABX Solution

A small office, a retail store, a production plant or a warehouse must have a dedicated landline to effectively handle business-critical communications. But that single landline won’t be enough as the venture grows by leaps and bounds. One would have to ensure that their place of business is backed by several phones and dedicated business numbers. And one would also have to invest in a solution that would be able to manage the complex commercial communication channels. This is where an EPABX system comes to the scene!

What is EPABX?

As per the lead expert associated with a reputed EPABX system service provider in Mumbai, an EPABX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange) is an in-house telephone system designed to handle complex communication requirements of commercial complexes. An EPABX system connecting all phones on-site to a central independent telephone exchange. EPABX systems are also capable of connecting telephones of an organization’s branch locations to the central independent telephone exchange.

Reasons why your business needs an EPABX solution

There are several reasons why SMEs, as well as established businesses, tend to incorporate an efficient EPABX system in their offices, retail outlets as well as production plants. Some of the most compelling reasons are enunciated in the sections below –

Reduce monthly expenses with EPABX solutions

Most people don’t know this but when a person makes a call from their office or their commercial property, if the place of business doesn’t have an EPABX, the call will be first routed to the local telephone exchange and then the call will reach to the person one intends to speak with. This is why one has to pay a monthly fee to their phone company as they are using the routing services of the landline company’s telephone exchange. One can skip this added cost by installing an EPABX solution on their business premises. An EPABX solution route calls internally instead of routing the calls through an external telephone exchange.

Enjoy centralized control over on-site communications

EPABX systems are meant for corporate use. It is a business phone solution that can be used by SMEs as well as MNCs who do not want to hire a receptionist as EPABX solutions entail a built-in ‘receptionist’ feature.

Furthermore, EPABX solutions offer entrepreneurs centralized control over the on-site communications of their venture. EPABX solutions offer centralized access to all on-site phones using a single number.

EPABX solutions offer flexible call routing

EPABX solutions allow users to program their phones so that incoming calls are diverted to people who can take the call and record the message from the communication when the person who was supposed to attend the call is busy.

EPABX entail access control features

As per the owners of a reputed firm that offers EPABX system service provider in Mumbai, modern EPABX solutions entail access control features. It means that an EPABX solution can be used to assign varying levels of access to different landline extensions. The outcome is that the owner of the business can restrict their employees from making long-distance calls or international calls.

Which is the best EPABX system/solution provider in India?

That would be Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. The Mumbai-based ISO 27001:2013 certified company has been addressing the technological needs of SMEs as well as established businesses across India for the last 25+ years.

NTIPL offers a large selection of EPABX solutions from revered brands like Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, Matrix, Grandstream, Panasonic, etc. The EPABX solutions offered by NTIPL are suitable for –

  • Small to medium enterprises
  • Established corporate entities
  • Small to medium factories
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Educational institutions as well as
  • Enterprises associated with the hospitality sector.

Being one of the leading EPABX system service provider in Mumbai, the experts at NTIPL makes sure that the company’s pan-India clientele has access to EPABX solutions capable of processing –

  • Multimedia calls
  • Forwarding calls
  • Automatically distributing calls and
  • Barring unauthorized access to business-critical communications.

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