Microsoft Surface Built for enterprise, powered by Windows

Microsoft Surface Built for enterprise, powered by Windows

Countless enterprise managers and entrepreneurs are switching to Microsoft Surface powered laptops and workstations around the world. The reasons are plenty. For instance, MS Surface-powered devices are known for their low running costs, impeccable performance pertaining to multitasking and enhanced scalability features.

Furthermore, MS Surface-powered devices allow enterprise managers and their workforce members to re-imagine the way they can get daily business-critical operations done. MS Surface-powered devices can allow one to partake in immersive virtual conferences, real-time collaborative projects and screen-sharing without overloading the device.

On top of this, all MS Surface-powered devices come loaded with enterprise-focused apps such as Surface Laptop Studio for Business, the feature of working with Surface Pen or a generic mouse as well as enhanced security bundles like Microsoft Complete Protection Plan.

Hence, it is no wonder that enterprise managers who are looking for a workstation on rent in Mumbai will prefer IT solutions providers who have laptops and workstations running MS Surface OS.

If one is still confused about switching to MS Surface-powered laptops and workstations then they should read the following sections where the productivity-enhancing aspects and security features of MS Surface-powered devices are enunciated in brief.

Here goes –

Features meant for enhancing productivity

Mode detection

One should always choose MS Surface powered workstations as, according to the spokesperson of a revered company that is associated with services like workstation rental in Mumbai, MS Surface-powered devices can detect how the user is holding their device. One can use the device like a laptop (tablet/laptop mode) or can switch seamlessly between multiple screens when they place the device on their desk (desktop mode).

Tailor-made collaborative features for immersive experiences to meet your needs

MS Surface powered devices can allow users to connect quickly with their contacts using the enhanced features of Microsoft Teams. The devices are equipped with HD cameras and optimized microphones that can promote immersive collaborative activities like live conferences so that team members all over the globe can work in tandem with one another in a bid to complete pressing projects on time.

Improved multi-monitor experience

MS Surface powered devices come with an enhanced docking feature that allows users to pick up their unfinished work easily. All one would need to do is dock the device to a compatible monitor or system and they can finish their work in the shortest possible time.

Optimized display/touch for perfection

MS Surface powered devices are designed to offer users impressive feedback when they choose to use the display of the device for inputs. MS Surface powered devices are equipped with an intuitively designed on-screen keyboard that works much like the on-screen keyboard of a smartphone or tablet thus allowing the user to carry out complete tasks such as penning down a press release in a matter of minutes without using a traditional input device like a keyboard or mouse.

Appealing Security Features

Chip to Cloud security

One should always go for MS surface powered laptops on rent in Mumbai if they want enterprise-level performance and security from their device as Microsoft Surface is an OS that is hailed as one of the most secure OS out there that is also known for its resource optimization feature.

Virtualization-based security (VBS)

MS Surface powered laptops and workstations are equipped with Virtualisation-Based Security (VBS) that offers immaculate protection against sophisticated malware. VBS carries out sensitive security protocols within a virtual environment that is completely isolated thus offering the user enhanced security in real-time as well as during cold booting of the system.

Windows Hello

As per the opinion of a spokesperson associated with a revered IT solutions provider in Mumbai renowned for services like laptop rental in Mumbai, enterprise managers can make the most out of the security features offered by Windows Hello in laptops and workstations that are running Windows Surface OS. Windows Hello works in tandem with the biometric data of the user or a unique PIN that is located in the TPM chip of the workstation or the laptop thus making it impossible for ill-doers to hack into the system.


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