Lighting Solution that is Greener, Cheaper and Brighter

Lighting Solution that is Greener, Cheaper and Brighter

Lighting fixtures play an important role in commercial complexes, offices, and industrial complexes.

Proper illumination is not only necessary to keep workplace incidents under check but at the same time, it allows the workforce to remain active as poorly lit workplace premises can make a person feel drowsy.

Furthermore, properly lit workplaces seldom witness crimes hence; whether you own an office, a retail outlet or an industrial complex, make sure you consult with a revered commercial lighting solution provider for the best results.

With that stated and out of the way, it is time to discuss why LED lighting fixtures are ideal for commercial use.

Read the following sections for more information –

Key Features of LED lights

The technical aspects of LED lighting fixtures are countless. We will highlight only the ones that are relevant to this post and lucid enough for the common person to understand.

Here goes –

  • LEDs do not have any filaments in them hence they can run continuously without generating much heat and without consuming a lot of electricity.
  • The light generated from LEDs is free from UV rays.
  • LEDs do not pollute the environment, unlike their CFL counterparts who have mercury vapour inside them.

Benefits of LED lights over CFL/Convention lights

The benefits of LEDs over conventional lights like CFLs are many.

Some of the most important ones are mentioned below –

  • LEDs are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting fixtures are their luminescence factor is more per watt.
  • LEDs can last longer than CFLs.
  • LEDs are durable.
  • LEDs can light up in nanoseconds as there is no warm-up period involved.
  • LEDs can function in all operational temperatures.
  • LEDs throw light in a particular direction hence; no light energy goes to waste.

Sectors where LED lights are used

As per the opinion of a spokesperson associated with Network Techlab, LED lighting fixtures are used in a myriad of different places and they are as follows –

  • Commercial landscape – to light up decorative trees within a property or to light up a fountain and related water bodies like an indoor pond / swimming pool.
  • Architectural design industries – architects use outdoor LED lighting fixtures to light up aesthetically appealing aspects of a commercial building they have designed to increase the overall appeal of the property.
  • Warehouses – use LED lights in a bid to reduce utility bills and at the same time offer luminescence to its workforce that does not harm the human eye.
  • Aviation lighting – LED lighting fixtures are used inside the cabins of airliners as they are safer compared to other lighting forms.
  • New buildings – are installed with LED lighting fixtures to make them energy-efficient and environment-friendly.
  • Office Environment is missing here

Now that you know why LED lighting fixtures are the best, you might be wondering where you can get the best LED lighting solutions.

Well, the answer is Network Techlab – one of the best LED lighting companies in Mumbai.

What are the types of LED lights the company offers?

The company has strong ties with leading LED lighting fixture brands in India like Syska, Netvalue and Polycab.

As one of the leading commercial LED lighting solutions providers in Mumbai with a pan India client base, it is safe to assume that the solutions available at NTIPL are several.

They are as follows –

Indoor commercial lighting

  • LED Tube Lights
  • LED Backlit Panel Lights
  • LED Slim Panel Lights
  • LED Linear Light
  • LED Mountable Panel Lights
  • LED Edgelit Panel Lights

Outdoor commercial lighting

NTIPL is a leading outdoor LED light system provider in Mumbai which is why you can contact them for all sorts of outdoor commercial lighting fixtures like –

  • LED Flood Lights
  • LED Street Lights
  • LED Solar Street Lights
  • LED High Bay Lights
  • LED Flame Proof Lights
  • LED Well Glass Lamps

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting fixtures is a form of decorative outdoor lighting fixtures that are used to light up pools, fountains, hedges and even trees within the premises of a commercial complex for aesthetic purposes.

The types of LED landscape lighting fixtures available at NTIPL are as follows –

  • Post mount – column mount LED landscape lights
  • Address LED landscape lights
  • Wall mount LED landscape lights
  • Ceiling mount/hanging LED landscape lights
  • Security LED landscape lights
  • Tree LED landscape lights
  • In-grade LED landscape lights
  • Adjustable LED landscape lights
  • Sports court LED lights
  • Decorative LED landscape or ‘holiday’ lights.

Flameproof lighting

NTIPL also offers flameproof LED tube-shaped lighting fixtures that are ideal for both industrial and commercial purposes.

These are safe lighting fixtures for illuminating dangerous zones in a commercial or industrial complex as they do not produce any heat.


The LED floodlights available at NTIPL are ideal for –

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Construction Sites
  • Ports
  • Façade Lighting
  • Architectural Buildings and
  • Monuments

The LED floodlights are perfect when one wants outdoor lighting solutions that are –

  • Energy Efficient
  • Low on maintenance costs
  • Offers high luminescence
  • Generate no heat whatsoever and
  • Environment-Friendly.

Street lighting

The street LED lighting fixtures offered by NTIPL are sealed within a panel and come with a dedicated heat sink for heat management.

NTIPL offers only LED street lights that are quality assured, consumes less energy and has long operational lives.

Industrial lighting

The industrial LED lighting fixtures available at NTIPL comes with design and electronic specifications that are on par with set workplace safety standards.

Clean Room Lighting

The cleanroom LED lighting fixtures available at NTIPL are on par with the recognised ISO classifications set by governing authorities that assign ISO certifications to clean rooms of industrial complexes associated with the production of sensitive electronic equipment like semiconductors, smartphones and related consumer electronics.

The cleanroom LED lighting fixtures available at NTIPL comes with a flush finish so that they can easily be cleaned or sanitised.


For more details, feel free to get in touch with the spokesperson(s) of Network Techlab – the leading LED indoor lighting system provider in India with a business history surpassing 25 years! The firm is based in Mumbai and has a pan India client base. You can contact the company by calling at +91 22668 14141 / +91 22405 64141 / +91 88790 04536 or by sending an email at You can also visit their corporate office located at 41, Sarvodaya Ind. Est., Off. Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093.

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