Integrating Document Management Software With Your Current Applications

Integrating Document Management Software With Your Current Applications

Back in the day, businesses belonging to any corporate sector, irrespective of their size and age, generated a lot of business-critical files. This trend is still valid however; paper-based documents have been replaced with digital documents.

CTOs back in the day and even at present, need to make sure that the documents their venture generates are handled carefully. Any document lost, destroyed or stolen can leave an enterprise in a sticky situation.

To keep the aforementioned situations at bay, CTOs these days, seek automated document management solutions. Implementing document management solutions in an enterprise is a must especially if the business generates large volumes of business-critical documents every day.

This post in the following sections will shine a light on the benefits of implementing automated document management solutions among other aspects.

But before getting into that, it is time to take a look at what a document management solution means.

Here goes –

What is a document management solution?

A document management solution or better known as Document Management System (DMS in short) is a category of software that offers a centralized platform to entrepreneurs and their workforce that can be used to organize a company’s digital files. DMS also offers security features to digital documents such as –

  • Access control
  • Data security
  • Quick document retrievals, etc.

How integration can facilitate the smooth flow of document management?

By implementing a document management software Mumbai from a revered DMS service provider, a CTO can enjoy the following benefits –

Enhanced data security

Paper-based business documents had one thing that electronic business documents don’t – security. It is pretty easy to steal, alter or delete electronic documents. It was hard to do so with paper-based documents. However, one can ensure that with the help of DMS, data access and exchange can be carried out safely as DMS solutions offer enhanced information security in the forms of confidentiality and layered security that helps to prevent data loss and unauthorized access.

Seamless sharing of critical information in no time

Document management system services in Mumbai allows seamless sharing of business-critical information in no time.


Well, modern DMS solutions support the intelligent sharing of documents by making the most out of enhanced indexing so that files can be retrieved quickly (and safely) to and from anywhere in the world.

Improved document organization and storage capacity

Companies, irrespective of their age, size and sector, generate a lot of digital documents. At one time, an enterprise will start running out of in-house storage mediums.

This situation can be eradicated by investing in the services offered by a document management system company in Mumbai.


Well, modern DMS solutions are all cloud-based and scalable. It means that an enterprise that implemented DMS solutions will never run out of storage for its digital documents.

Reduction in error pertaining to document editing

Digital document management solutions sharply reduce errors pertaining to document editing such as duplication or keeping outdated files.

Improved workforce agility and efficiency

Enterprise managers can improve the overall efficiency of their workforce by offering employees of the enterprise in question, fast access to necessary files.

How to mitigate problems associated with managing your documents?

Problems associated with managing business-critical documents can be mitigated when one asks their workforce to follow the tips mentioned below –

  • One has to make sure that all file extensions generated by their enterprise are handled precisely. Implementing DMS solutions can allow CTOs to get this benefit as modern DMS solutions can even scan and digitize handwritten business-critical notes.
  • One has to keep track of who accesses the files of their business and when. One can also keep track of the location from where a file has been accessed. The aforementioned steps can be carried out only after implementing DMS solutions in the company.
  • One has to keep track of all edits carried out on business-critical files in a bid to enhance fault identification and eradication.

Looking for reliable document management solutions in Mumbai?

Contact Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. – a Mumbai-based document management solutions provider with ISO 27001:2013 certification. The company has been in the sector for more than 25 years. It has a pan-India footprint, a stellar reputation and an impressive client base. To learn more, please call 022 6681 4141 or send an email to

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