How to Improve the Data Centre Performance by Controlling Cost?

How to Improve the Data Centre Performance by Controlling Cost?

Whether a company runs its own data centre to handle its daily data transactions or uses the infrastructure to offer data centre solutions to its clients, it is natural for the owner of the enterprise to face several challenges with running and maintaining their data centre.

What is DCIM?

DCIM stands for Data Centre Infrastructure Management. It is a category of software that offers a centralized dashboard to data centre management personnel so that they can ensure a data centre is operating optimally, 24/7.

Challenges of running and maintaining a data centre:

The primary challenges of running and maintaining a data centre are power management and capacity planning. These two attributes have to be addressed in a bid to keep overhead costs down and increase returns on investment.

Inefficient data centre power management plans lead to frequent downtimes due to UPS failures or overheating issues with the data centre racks. It should be kept in mind that virtualization might reduce the number of servers onsite and at the same time, reduce the monthly power bills generated by the data centre but blade servers that are used for virtualization at a modern-day data centre consume up to five times the energy a generic server rack consumes. Hence, proper power management plans have to be put in place in a bid to keep downtimes at bay.

Secondly, to ensure optimal performance within a data centre, proper resource planning is a must. If proper resource plans are not chalked up and implemented, a data centre would periodically run out of capacity – which could spell disaster for the enterprise that owns the data centre.

However, proper power management plans and resource management plans are hefty tasks and cannot be done manually.

How the consult can be resolved?

The best step forward in order to improve the performance of a data centre is to invest in a tried and tested DCIM solution such as Environet Alert.
Environet Alert is a DCIM software that allows one to measure, monitor and manage every IT component within a data centre efficiently.


Why business should invest in DCIM solution?

Data centres needs to be monitored using a DCIM solution as this particular category of software allows CTOs to ensure that their data centre management team has access to key performance indicators of the data centre.

Other reasons why a CTO needs to invest in DCIM solutions are as follows –

  • DCIM solutions promote effective and efficient environmental monitoring so that data centre components do not heat up or are subjected to excessive ambient humidity.
  • DCIM solutions help data centre management personnel to ensure they are carrying out efficient rack power management in a bid to keep servers from getting overloaded or getting fried due to a power surge.
  • DCIM solutions also ensure that proper data centre cooling management protocols are being proactively established and implemented in a bid to keep the servers and the related data centre components operating within their optimal operating temperature ranges.

Which sectors rely on DCIM?

DCIM is the part and parcel of data centres catering to the following sectors –

  • The banking / financial services sector
  • The IT sector
  • The telecom sector
  • The healthcare sector
  • Government entities as well as the
  • Manufacturing sector where automated assembly lines and quality assurance protocols are controlled remotely and efficiently using data centres that are, in turn, managed with efficient DCIMs.

What are the features available when one uses a DCIM solution like Environet Alert ?

Apart from working as an ideal BMS monitoring solution, Environet Alert can also allow data centre management personnel to have a power insight within data centre. Other features available to data centre management personnel when they use solutions like Environet Alert are as follows :-

Real-time monitoring

Environet Alert is the perfect DCIM solution that can monitor every component of a data centre in real-time so that data centre management personnel can take action whenever needed to keep the establishment running without fail.

Predictive analysis

Environet Alert is capable of processing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and offers users predictive analysis thus allowing data centre management personnel to make critical decisions in a bid to curb future issues within the data centre.

Energy cost analysis

Environet Alert is also capable of running energy cost analysis thus allowing CTOs to reduce the overhead costs, such as energy bills, generated by their data centre. Inefficient components within the data centre will be identified by Environet Alert so that they can be either repaired or replaced in a bid to keep energy costs down.

Resource management

Environet Alert is also capable of offering data centre management personnel a centralized dashboard that they can use to manage data centre resources efficiently in a bid to keep downtimes at bay.

Do more with less

Environet Alert allows data centre management personnel to do more with less as one can use the solution to manage a single site and at the same time, manage the overall efficiency of multiple data centres!


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