How Face Recognition Systems will help you in COVID 19 Pandemic?

How Face Recognition Systems will help you in COVID 19 Pandemic?

How Face Recognition Systems will help you in COVID 19 Pandemic?

As we all are aware that office premises and residential buildings too are using Biometric Systems for logging work hours and restricting access to only those people who are permitted. Facial Recognition is now being implemented everywhere to log attendance and provide access to certain areas.

Understanding the relation between Touch and Spread of Virus

Touching any surfaces is avoided by everyone these days as one of the reasons for the COVID19 virus spread. Biometric devices used for logging Attendance are being sanitized whereas Facial Recognition is a contactless technology and doesn’t require any touch to mark the Attendance and permit the entry.

Face Recognition is the most recommended technology of the current times & doesn’t require Physical Interaction with the device.

Our experience after this lockdown would be definitely different while we resume to offices. Close Contact premises in offices like Reception, Entrance Lobby and Check-In areas need extra care to be taken and the facial recognition system could be more helpful in such a scenario.

Let us understand the Benefits of the Face Recognition System:

Automated Time Tracking System

The Automation of Time Tracking means there will be no need for personnel to monitor the system during work hours. The system already registers in and out timings as well as the purpose of employee visits in the office. It simplifies Time Tracking using Facial Recognition and reports attendance, absentees and over time through the facial characteristics or identification process.


Error-Free Time and Attendance Tracking

This solution can handle the many cases of fraud and buddy punching as well as human error. The tracking system allows you to discover the employees who are not being honest with the time of their clock in and out. With the fast and accurate recognition of the tracking system, human error is eliminated.

Reduced Contagion

Traditional Attendance tracking systems require the need for physical intervention. A sick employee touching a biometric machine with unclean hands can result in a number of others getting infected as well. With this technological advancement, the incident of passing illness is eradicated.

Since the Biometric Facial Recognition systems scan the image of the employee without any physical contact, contagious illnesses such as colds and viruses are eliminated. The ease of operation of the system allows the employees to be scanned and identified without the need to touch the surface of the system.

Take Cares of Buddy Punching Incidents

Buddy punching is common in an office. Of course, it is natural for buddies in the office to save their co-workers from receiving notice for tardiness and absences. With a biometric facial recognition system in place, buddies cannot use their own face to punch in for others. The only way for employees to avoid tardiness is to be present in the office on time.

Benefits of the Facial Recognition System are need of an hour for every organization. This is easy to operate and comprises the best security features, keeps the attendance track without touching any surfaces and provides an exceptional value of current times.

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