Commit your personal meeting determined & complied with Poly Studio P21 solution

Commit your personal meeting determined & complied with Poly Studio P21 solution


Video conferencing & meetings has always been in top of the list of discussions and “communicative forum” for obvious reasons. As a result, the concept of smart conferencing was introduced, and it has now evolved even further. Video conferencing system has advanced beyond exceptional investigation and proper research which include a variety of applications.

We know that pandemic situation has made the global situation worsen and led to fall on the economy subsequently. As a result, many of the organization were shut down, cut the cost, implemented work from home or virtual policies in order to tackle the pandemic crisis cooperatively.
However due to option of work from home, there has been tremendous increase in the demand of virtual applications, products and solutions. Various companies created impactful applications, software, product that not only made the work more comfortable and easier, but it has also followed the pandemic norms globally making the social distancing easily possible and continuing with extant work.
With Poly’s studio conferencing intervention in your conference & meeting systems, you can save up to 80% on your travelling costs while increasing occupant comfort. But before we get into the deep matter of this Studio video conferencing, we need to quickly understand at a high level, what is Poly Studio P21 and how does it works.


Poly Studio P21 

The Poly Studio P21 refers to a system of personal meeting display which intensely creates a platform for a premium video conferencing experience in your personal workspace. Once the device procedure and installation is completed, setup is done subsequently; it delivers the promising experience to an individual person to get easily connected over conference. The advantage of this studio video conferencing is the ability to facilitate all of those benefits without requiring constant travel for face-to-face communication.


What are Poly Studio P21 features?

The Poly P21 makes your personal meeting exceptionally enhanced in many ways such as:

  1. Optimistic camera with privacy shutter sound.
  2. Intelligent high performance greater display.
  3. Flexible ambient lighting.
  4. Classified stereo speaker and microphone.
  5. Wireless mobile phone charging.
  6. Easy integration with system users.
  7. Convenient and compatible in nature.


How Poly Studio P21 can make your investment worth?

Get your calls supercharged with shifting to Poly P21

  1. Assist to keep workplace sane and clutter free with intelligent all in one USB connection.
  2. Work excellently with any video app on PC or MAC.
  3. Enhance security and privacy with ease of integration.
  4. Stay in control of settings and updates with Poly Lens Desktop App.
  5. Poly Lens Cloud management facilitate powerful tools to manage and track devices from anywhere.


To conclude

We all know, the world has become tech-savvy with the IT Boom, and will continue to prosper technologically further as well. In coming generation, the world will conquer with solutions that can ease your work within your eye blinking. We believe our expertise of the audio visual solutions, our commitment to your success and our confidence in being able to recommend the right business audio visual solutions for our clients is what differentiates us from the others.

Network Techlab being a prominent and premium partner with Poly products for catering over wide range of audio and visual solutions hereby brings you with an innovative product that can enhance your need at next level. Our constant research and keen on providing you with solutions that can primarily fulfil your needs of Business.  Being system integrator we regale products across pan India centres with easy installation, tech support and system capabilities.


Have any concern or queries for Poly Studio P21? Let us know a favourable time to let reach our experts for your needs.


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