Benefits of active LED displays for corporate entities

Benefits of active LED displays for corporate entities

With the help of technology, modern-day corporate spaces like offices and commercial buildings are being radically overhauled.

Places of business no longer look dull and dreary. Instead, the offices of startups, SMEs or established brands, these days appear as a perfect amalgamation of large open spaces, friendly colours and interactive LED displays.

Why the LED displays?

Well, people live in a technology-driven time now. Hence, it is natural for the corporate sector to adapt to the winds of change. Furthermore, incorporating LED displays in corporate spaces entail a plethora of benefits for businesses.

Some of the most compelling benefits of active LED displays for corporate entities are enunciated in the sections below –

LED displays allow a brand to leave a lasting impression within seconds!

According to the spokesperson of a revered video wall solution provider in India, corporate entities have more or less than seven seconds to leave a lasting impression in the minds of their clients and visitors dropping into their offices or commercial spaces.

Using static traditional signs like flyers takes more than seven seconds to register the corporate message in the minds of onlookers. On the other hand, when LED displays replace traditional static promotional mediums, brands can start conveying their corporate message subtly to a client or a visitor the moment they walk through the front door of the commercial space.

Leaving a lasting first impression is very important for brands, irrespective of their size, age and sector as it is the only way to enhance business as well as workplace relations.

It is as simple as that!

LED displays allow a corporate entity to improve its brand awareness

Whether a brand is an established one or it is an SME that recently landed some investors, it is important for the CTO of the enterprise to invest in solutions that would help the business put itself on the radar of its target audience.

Back in the day, one of the best ways to enhance the brand awareness factor of a corporate entity was investing in traditional promotional mediums like billboard ads, radio jingles as well as TV commercials. But traditional promotional mediums take a lot of time to convey the marketing message to the target audience. Furthermore, traditional promotional mediums are boring and expensive!

On the other hand, with the help of LED displays and interactive LED walls, a brand can engage with its intended target audience quickly and keep the onlooker(s) hooked to the promotional content.

In a nutshell, the brand awareness factor of a corporate entity gets a lot of boost when the CTO of the enterprise uses LED signage for promotions.

LED displays can also be used by clients/visitors to get information

Providers of digital signage solutions in Mumbai also cater to the needs of corporate complexes such as shopping malls that witness a lot of footfall every day.

LED signage in large commercial spaces can replace stationary information kiosks consisting of a map of the complex with a ‘you are here’ sign. Modern-day interactive LED displays can be programmed to act as interactive information kiosks that can be used by visitors of the commercial complex in a bid to learn where they are within the complex and find the shop they want to visit in no time.

In this way, the overall customer experience of the commercial complex can be enhanced by many folds and increase profits, at the same time!

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