Leading Indian Search Company went live from their newly opened DC facility.

Network Techlab deployed DC migration and structure cabling project in just 3 days.

Leading Indian Search Engine

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Solution Offered:
DataCenter migration
Structure Cabling Services

Leading Indian internet Technology Company that provides local search for different services in India over the phone, website and mobile apps. The company has spread across India and has more than 10000 employees overall. They are the largest search engine for local listings and have a database of approximately 29.4 million listings. Being a technology company they cannot compromise on the uptime as their production environment is running 24×7. They were shifting their office premises and they wanted to relocate their server and data center components to the building. The Network Techlab team has got engaged with them for the Datacenter relocation and Structure cabling engagement.

As a result of delivering new growth goals company needed to move to a larger facility in another building. During this operations, they cannot afford downtime as their operation are crucial in order to serve their customer quarries. Hence company was looking for successful data center migration and structure cabling service provider who could complete their work before the timeline of 3 days. Disconnecting a facility from one location, demounting racks and shifting to the new building was crucial. There were unnecessary racks and cables which needed to be trimmed and streamlined in order to go live.

Team Network Techlab has worked on several projects of structure cabling and data center relocation. Working on this project and delivering a live facility within 3 days with 20,000+ IO terminations was isn’t an easy job for us. We took this challenge and started working on this project. After studying the complete project we design a plan and presented it to the company professionals and they agreed to the deployment.

We have worked on the rack-to-rack cabling deployed with pathway preparation and laying of uplink cables. Proper splicing at the hub, dc and user end was done. We removed the whole bunch of unused cables and created breathing space in data, thanks to our precision cooling solution that helps their data center to stay cool every time. Our team of experts has done a fantastic job of this activity overall. Along with documentation and a kick-off meeting we have come to the conclusion about the project.


  • Best IT Infrastructure live before deadlines
  • Cable Tagging ensures easy troubleshooting
  • Empty space for increased racks to install
  • Smooth service delivery of the project

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