Structured Cabling System Implementation at Leading Banking Corporation, Mumbai BKC Office.

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Structured Cabling Solution

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), a leading global financial institution, recently expanded its operations with a new office in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). The expansion required an advanced structured cabling system in the newly established office space. The primary objective was to establish a future-proof network infrastructure that could handle high-speed data and redundant data lines efficiently.

The key challenges faced during the implementation of the structured cabling system were:

High-End, Future-Proof Cabling Requirement: SMBC needed a robust cabling infrastructure capable of supporting high-speed data transmission, specifically requesting CAT6 A cabling for its superior performance.

Integration with Existing Office Space: The new networking nodes had to be integrated seamlessly with the existing office setup, demanding meticulous planning and execution.

Coordination with Multiple Vendors: The project involved close collaboration with various teams, including architecture, design, and furniture vendors, making coordination complex.

Operational Challenges: Ensuring minimal disruption to the ongoing activities in the existing office space was crucial. The project demanded efficient cable laying without affecting the daily operations of the bank.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive approach was adopted:

Adoption of CAT6 A Cabling: CAT6 A cables were used for all data and redundant data lines, ensuring high-speed data transmission and future scalability.
Strategic Planning and Coordination: Detailed planning sessions were held with architecture, design, and furniture teams to ensure that the cabling layout complemented the existing and new office spaces.
Phased Implementation: The installation was carried out in phases to minimize operational disruptions. Each phase was meticulously planned to avoid any significant impact on the bank’s daily activities.
Expert Project Management: A dedicated project management team was established to oversee the project, ensuring smooth coordination among various vendors and timely completion of the project.

The successful implementation of the structured cabling system yielded several benefits:

Enhanced Data Transmission Speeds: With CAT6 A cabling, the bank experienced improved data transmission speeds, crucial for its high-speed trading and data analysis operations.

Future-Proof Network Infrastructure: The use of advanced cabling solutions provided a scalable and robust network infrastructure, capable of adapting to future technological advancements and increasing data demands.

Seamless Integration: The cabling system was integrated seamlessly with the existing office setup, ensuring minimal aesthetic and functional disruptions.

Reduced Operational Disruptions: The phased approach to implementation allowed the bank to maintain its operational efficiency without significant interruptions during the installation process.

Efficient Vendor Collaboration: Effective coordination with multiple vendors led to a harmonious working environment and adherence to the project timeline and quality standards.
In conclusion, the structured cabling system installation at SMBC’s new Mumbai BKC office not only met the immediate needs of high-speed and redundant data transmission but also set a foundation for future technological growth, aligning with the bank’s vision for a modern, efficient, and scalable IT infrastructure.


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