Structured Cabling Revamp and Optimization for Inorbit Mall, K Raheja Group.

Network Techlab successfully deployed a project of structured cabling revamp at one of the leading Mall Chain in Vadoara.


Inorbit Mall, K Raheja Group




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Inorbit Mall, part of the K Raheja Group, faced significant challenges with its existing structured cabling system. The system was plagued with an abundance of unused cables, some of which were damaged, and a lack of proper cable tagging and numbering. This situation hindered the mall’s ability to upgrade and integrate new devices and made troubleshooting a cumbersome and inefficient process. The management sought to overhaul the cabling infrastructure to ensure a more organized, efficient, and future-proof network. This case study discusses the challenges, solutions, and benefits of the structured cabling revamp project undertaken at Inorbit Mall.

The main challenges faced in this project included:

Cluttered Cabling: A large number of unused and unorganized cables congested pathways, creating confusion and inefficiency.
Lack of Identification: The absence of proper cable tagging and numbering made it difficult to identify and manage the network components.
Troubleshooting Difficulties: The existing cabling system made it challenging to diagnose and rectify issues, especially in a live environment.
Barriers to Upgrades: The disorganized cabling system restricted the mall’s ability to integrate new technologies and devices efficiently.
Operational Disruptions: Maintaining network stability while overhauling the cabling infrastructure in an operational retail environment was a significant concern.

To address these challenges, the following solutions were implemented:

Cabling Audit and Removal: Conducted a thorough audit of the existing network and removed all unused and damaged cables to declutter the pathways.
Cable Tagging and Numbering: Implemented a systematic cable tagging and numbering system for easy identification and management of the network infrastructure.
Temporary WiFi Solution: Deployed a temporary WiFi network to ensure uninterrupted operations and facilitate smooth troubleshooting during the revamp process.
Structured Cabling Installation: Installed a new structured cabling system that was well-organized, scalable, and capable of supporting future technological advancements.
Rack Dressing and Management: Redesigned the rack dressing to optimize space, reduce clutter, and improve airflow, thus enhancing the overall network performance and longevity.

The structured cabling overhaul brought several key benefits to Inorbit Mall:

Enhanced Network Efficiency: The new, organized cabling system improved overall network performance and reliability.
Ease of Troubleshooting: With proper cable management and identification, network issues could be diagnosed and resolved more quickly and efficiently.
Future-Ready Infrastructure: The scalable and flexible cabling infrastructure laid the groundwork for easy integration of new technologies and devices.
Operational Continuity: The temporary WiFi solution ensured that mall operations were not disrupted during the cabling revamp process.
Long-Term Cost Savings: By streamlining the cabling system, future maintenance costs and downtime were significantly reduced.

This case study exemplifies how Inorbit Mall successfully tackled its cabling challenges, resulting in a more efficient, manageable, and scalable network infrastructure. The project not only enhanced the current operational efficiency but also positioned the mall to seamlessly adopt future technological advancements.


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