Industrial Preparation Technology Company improved on the networking performance.

Network Techlab provided high-speed cabling and access points solutions at the Industrial Preparation Technology Company.


Industrial Preparation Technology Company




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The company is Industrial Preparation Technology Company which supplies a process of an engineering solution with grinding, mixing, drying, granulating, pelletizing, fine grinding, dry grinding, wet grinding, mixers, driers, granulators, palletizers, mills and agitated media mills, which are established in many industries worldwide, e.g., with the brands Maxxmill, Evactherm, Evacmix, Saponiflex, Eikorit and Eidurit.
They also provide entire product life cycle service and support into innovative solutions for all current future mobility challenges for our customers.

The company was previously facing significant challenges in upgrading its network infrastructure to meet the growing demands of their operations. The company required an efficient and reliable networking solution to connect various nodes in both the administrative building and the plant area. Their goal is to ensure seamless communication and data exchange between different departments and machines, improving overall operational efficiency. Hence Company requested to have a German standard of Cat7A connectivity for their cabling infrastructure. Ultimately Their interest was to have a high-performance cabling solution that could support higher bandwidth, reduce interference, and ensure long-term reliability.

The company wanted to equip all workstations with two LAN nodes—one for data and one for voice communication. Efficiently integrating these dual nodes into the network infrastructure while ensuring seamless data and voice connectivity was the integral core factor. The challenge also includes determining the optimal placement and configuration of LAN nodes in the plant area, taking into account the unique challenges of this environment.

In order to address the challenges faced by the company we have followed a multi-faceted approach that had involvement of various steps and teams. We have focused on Project Planning and Coordination and established a meticulous project plan that involves close collaboration with various teams, including Civil, Architect, Electrical, and Fire. We clearly define dependencies and timelines to ensure synchronized execution and timely completion. Ensure backup power sources are adequately sized and maintained for continuous operation.

As an experienced structure cabling company, we understand Cable Management and Space Optimization and that’s the reason we have given limited space for cable entry due to furniture constraints and employed innovative cable management solutions.

By utilizing cable trays, raceways, and discreet cable routing techniques to maximize space efficiency. We have also kept a space for the Last-Minute changes and incorporated flexibility into the initial network design.

We utilize modular cabling systems and shift work Installation due to site challenges. We Implemented a rotating shift schedule with a focus on worker safety and efficiency.


  • Enhanced Operations reducing downtime and enhancing productivity
  • Innovative cable management helps avoid costly disruptions and repairs
  • Flexible solution easily accommodates last-minute changes
  • Established an effective seamless communication and data exchange

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