Building-to-Building Fiber Cable Connectivity for Shemaroo Entertainment.

Network Techlab provided Building to Building Fibre Connectivity for Shemaroo Entertainment, Implemented Robust Network Connections.


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Fibre Optic Connectivity and Cabling

Shemaroo Entertainments, a prominent player in the entertainment industry, aimed to expand its technological infrastructure by establishing building-to-building fiber cable connectivity. This initiative was crucial for providing internet access to its users in a newly opened facility adjacent to their existing office. The primary goal was to create a high-end, future-proof cabling solution for data and redundant data lines, ensuring seamless internet connectivity for their users.

The project faced several significant challenges:
Lack of Existing Fiber Cable Pathway: The major concern was the absence of a pre-existing fiber cable laying pathway between the buildings, complicating the process of establishing direct connectivity.
Network Troubleshooting Limitations: The inability to perform network troubleshooting from a single console due to the disconnected nature of the buildings posed a significant operational challenge.
Need for High-End, Future-Proof Cabling: Shemaroo required a robust solution that could handle current and future data demands while ensuring redundancy for uninterrupted service.
Ensuring Minimal Disruption: Implementing such a solution without causing major disruptions to the ongoing operations in both the existing and new facilities was critical.

To overcome these challenges, the following solutions were implemented:

Innovative Fiber Cable Routing: After a thorough survey, an innovative routing solution was designed for laying the fibre cables. This involved aerial cabling due to infrastructural constraints. We used Scaffolding Car for the same.
Centralized Network Management System: A centralized network management system was installed, enabling control and troubleshooting of the network across both buildings from a single console.
Installation of High-Capacity Fiber Optics: High-capacity fiber optic cables, known for their bandwidth and speed, were installed to meet the current and future data transmission needs.
Phased Implementation Strategy: The installation was executed in a phased manner to minimize operational disruptions, ensuring continuous business operations during the transition period.

The successful implementation of the building-to-building fiber cable connectivity brought several key benefits:
Enhanced Connectivity and Speed: The fiber optic solution provided high-speed internet connectivity, crucial for the fast-paced operations of Shemaroo Entertainments.
Future-Proof Network Infrastructure: The high-capacity fiber cables ensured that the network infrastructure could handle increasing data demands, making it a future-proof investment.
Centralized Network Management: With the centralized network management system, network troubleshooting and monitoring became more efficient, reducing downtime and improving overall network health.
Reduced Operational Disruptions: The phased approach and careful planning resulted in minimal disruption to Shemaroo’s daily operations, thereby maintaining business continuity.

Scalable and Reliable Network Solution: The new network infrastructure provided scalability for future expansion and reliability with redundant data lines, ensuring a robust network environment.

In conclusion, the establishment of building-to-building fiber cable connectivity at Shemaroo Entertainments not only resolved the immediate connectivity issues but also laid down a scalable, high-speed, and reliable network infrastructure. This significantly enhanced their operational capabilities and prepared them for future technological advancements.


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