Logistics and Warehousing Firm - WMS Software and Barcode Scanner, Printer, Labels.

Organization: A Major Logistics and Warehousing Firm.

Location: Mumbai.

Domain: Logistics and Warehousing.

Solution Offered: DCIM, IPDU, PUE Management.


Network Techlab’s holistic approach to warehouse management enhancement, encompassing software, hardware, and consumables, not only modernized the client’s operations but also empowered them to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and control in their inventory management. This transformation positioned the client for improved productivity, reduced errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to their sustained success in a competitive market.

The Challenge:

Inventory accuracy and tracking have been persistent challenges faced by the dedicated warehouse staff. These issues have manifested as a series of impediments, resulting in recurrent discrepancies, stockouts, and overstock situations. Inaccurate inventory tracking has, in turn, hindered the smooth and efficient flow of operations within the warehouse, causing disruptions, delays, and financial setbacks for the organization. To address these challenges comprehensively, a strategic and technology-driven approach is imperative.

NTIPL Solution:

  1. WMS Software: – Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd implemented Warehouse management software for automatic identification and data capture.
  2. Barcode Printer: The printer was deployed for on-demand label printing. It enabled high-quality barcode label production for inventory items.
  3. Barcode Scanner: – The handheld barcode scanner was provided to warehouse staff for rapid and accurate data capture during put away, binning, picking, packing and dispatch.
  4. Barcode Labels: – Durable barcode labels were utilized to label every inventory item with unique barcodes based on classification of product categories and quick and accurate identification.


  • Inventory Accuracy: – The printer and barcode labels improved inventory accuracy, virtually eliminating stockout and overstocking issues.
  • Increased Efficiency: – The barcode scanner, coupled with automated workflows, reduced order processing times by 30%, improving overall warehouse efficiency.
  • Real-time Visibility: – Real-time dashboards provided instant insights into inventory levels, order statuses, and warehouse performance.


Logistics and warehouse management enhancement with the Software, printer, scanner, and barcode labels not only addressed their initial challenges but also positioned them for future growth and competitiveness in the logistics and supply chain industry.

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