Network Techlab deployed wireless networking solution with minimum project lead time and enabled company users to access secured policy-based wifi within their office premises.

Network Techlab deployed wireless networking solution with minimum project lead time and enabled company users to access secured policy-based wifi within their office premises.

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The Company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Fluid Control Systems, Positioners and Electrohydraulic Actuators, with a market presence in over 30 countries. Having started in 1967, The Company has been constantly providing its customers with innovative technology and customized solutions across a wide spectrum of process industries like Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Food and Beverage, etc.

The company was looking to set up wireless connectivity within their office building and warehouses to enhance communication and seamless access to users, visitors and roaming users. As we all faced the challenges in the pandemic in every other way, Company also faced challenges. Remote users increased within office premises and Desktop users decreased. To enable the workforce with the Wireless Network Access throughout the office premises, the Company has decided to set up the Wireless Network within the premises that will help users to stay connected wherever they move into premises.

Increased no. of remote users resulted in setting up the wireless network for all who need to be connected through wireless yet with the differentiated scenario. Here permanent and contract employee needs to be connected with different connectivity such as an active directory and another login. The company wanted a centralized wireless solution for its users. They were looking for the optimum utilization of the solution with the optimum cost involved in it. The existing network setup was unprocessed and there was no architecture done to provide a robust user experience. Currently, the basic wireless solution was set up at the client’s place; they were not getting centralized visibility of the network usage.

As the client required this activity to start on an urgent basis we didn’t get much time for to purchase the material from the vendor or OEM. Sourcing a material was a challenging job within discussed timeline.


Our team has begun the work with solution designing and proposed Alcatel lucent advance Wi-Fi technology to resolve the.  To win the client’s confidence & trust we had given Alcatel-Lucent Wireless Access Point Demo and Presentation to the Company. Further, we demonstrated used cases where we had already delivered this solution. We also mentioned the major Wireless Solutions projects completed by NTIPL. We showcased competency certificates, Appreciation Letters shared by our existing customers.

Provisioning for the user level needs such as guest users, permanent users and active payroll users required differentiated internet access while they access the network.  As we had a short time to arrange the material, we started the activity with the material available in our stocks and asked our vendors to provide the balance material on an urgent basis. Almost 5000 Sq. Feet premises has now become a wireless zone and everyone can access the secure network that too with defined policies by their IT Team.


  • 24×7 Connectivity within office premises and warehouse
  • User-based access enables a seamless yet secured network experience
  • Quick Network connectivity is possible within a few clicks
  • Centralized management and user-based access ensure security and connectivity in both

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