One of the Leading Cotton Yarn Manufacturing Company Automates its Attendance with Face Recognition System.

Network Techlab helped in Automating  Attendance of  more than 500 employees and  providing access with Contactless Face Recognition System

One of the Leading Cotton Yarn Manufacturer



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Contactless Attendance System


The Company is the leading manufactures of the Dop, Dyed, Poy / PTY in India. They started their journey in 2002 as a Polyester Textured Yarn Manufacturer and have come a long way today to create a unique niche for itself in the Dope Dyed Yarn with the largest variety of color offerings in yarns.

Today, they specialize in Dope Dyed Yarns which are the latest generation colored yarns and are fast replacing the traditional conventional package dyed yarns. This gives yarn excellent colorfastness, consistency of accurate color matching and also big sized packages. This ensures better run ability on the latest high-speed machines. The Company produces more than 1000 color based yarns specific to customer requirements. DNH has market access across the globe which extends to Europe, the Americas and

Need for the Solution:

To deliver a reliable product, the Company has always invested in the best of Technology and Machines to give exacting yarn parameters. Sourcing the best of technology in every field has been a great business aspect for the company. Quality control and quality assurance has been always been a top priority while they deliver services to the industry.

Innovating and Automating the attendance with the help of advanced technology available in the market was the main objective behind this project. Company management decided to upgrade to the newer technologies to access the factory premises and process the attendance of more than 500 co-workers.

As the Face Recognition System has been remarkable demand in COVID-19 Scenario. Keeping the Factory environment safe and healthy for the workers was necessary. Looking at the spread of COVID-19, the reason behind the transmission of the virus is ‘Touch’. To prevent this Network Techlab Team suggested a Contactless Attendance System.


Earlier, customers were using Finger based Biometric to track the Attendance and provide access to the premises. This was riskier during COVID-19 times even after sanitizing these devices. The customer has been exploring many solutions to make the use of the best technology available in the market. But implementing a new solution with the current attendance system was a bit challenging and therefore Network Techlab came into the picture.

The Company’s Management was looking for a cost-effective solution that can be integrated with the existing setup and can be quickly deployed. They were looking for touch-free solutions so that, there would be no human contact to the device installed.

 Providing Extra Light for Better Recognition

As Face Recognition works on the Camera algorithm, we provided sufficient light at the recognition terminal and face recorder started working fine.

Solution and Benefits:

Network Techlab Physical Infra Team has researched and proposed for the Researched, Design and Manufactured in India Product. We have installed Matrix Face Recognition Terminal. This system is further been integrated with the Attendance software of the company and Attendance of almost more than 500+ employees is now processed without human intervention.

Post-installation, Team Network Techlab has been in touch with the Admin Dept. of the company to install more records, which were newly added;

  • The company got the solution without any changes in its existing software, which is a great cost-saving.
  • Network Techlab has helped the company to Deploy Solutions quickly and save on time.
  • Touchless Access to premises and Attendance is now possible with the help of Face Recognition Terminal


  • Extension facility made available for our client with reduced budget.
  • Flexible and future ready solution deployed by Team Network Techlab that can be upgraded with PRI line with no extra cost.
  • Cost Savings during COVID-19 times with no impact to Project Objective.

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