Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. helped the organization’s reception area look more appealing with resourceful information with the help of a Video Wall.

A Media Company changed the traditional concept of Posters and Banners to showcase live / recorded Videos and Photos to create a lively environment with the support of Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd.

Media Company

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Solutions Offered
Samsung Video Wall

The Media Company is a nationwide network of private FM radio stations in India. It maintains weekly music charts (or record charts) for India. The most followed charts are Bollywood and Hollywood Songs. Both of these charts are a ranking of recorded music according to popularity. These charts are published on a weekly basis in the Indian English-language daily newspaper. It has its stations in India and also in UAE. Some of these stations run 24 x7.  As per the IRS data released in 2017, it has emerged as the number one FM broadcaster in Delhi and Mumbai, as well as in the top 8 metros taken together. Until 1993, All India Radio or AIR, a government undertaking, was the only radio broadcaster in India. The government then took the initiative to privatize the radio broadcasting sector. It sold airtime blocks on its FM channels in Indore,  Hyderabad, Mumbai,  Delhi,  Kolkata,  Varanasi,  Visakhapatnam and Goa to private operators, who developed their own program content. It began its operations in 2001 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

There are continuous Promotions and Interviews in this Media premises, Celebrities walk in and shoots are done in the particular zones of the premises. Thus there is an expense on the Posters, Banners and the lightings which needs to be changed accordingly.
Since the client wanted to upgrade from traditional to live attractive videos and images, they had requested for a solution.

Why there was a need to innovate?
Innovation and up gradation is mandatory in the Media Industry to sustain in the market.  The client used paper standees whenever promotions were done and interviews with celebrity used to happen, which required lot of planning and movement.
With Samsung 2 x 2 Video Wall, the live trailers, images, live feed can be displayed during interviews / promotions making it more appealing and convenient. Apart from this when there is no promotion / interview the Videowall acts as a digital signage or even if they would like to watch Live Matches or Events on the screen, it can make a memorable moment for the internal customers. With all these features, multiple solutions have been provided with one Samsung Video Wall.

NTIPL has provided client a solution which has made them upgrade from old traditional method of Promotions to an advanced level by means of using a part of Digitalization, i.e. Video wall.


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