Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. helped  manufacturingcompany in the improvement with Backup Solutions and Robust IT Infra.

A Leading Manufacturing Company, Saved on Data Backup with No Downtime and robust IT Infra with the help of Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd.’s Data Protection Solutions.

Manufacturing Company

Gujarat, Baroda

Manufacturing Industry

Solution Offered:
Data Backup and IT Infrastructure


Overview: Company is established in 1995, is a premier Engineering & Consultancy firm in the Power Sector, born out of shared vision of two renowned organizations. India’s largest Engineering & Construction Company , a global Consulting firm in Power industry since 1891.

Company’s Design Centre is located in Knowledge City, a world class complex in Vadodara. Company has a present strength over 500 experienced professionals and has been associated with over 150 power projects in India and abroad.

Brief detail about the dilemma/complication/situation/issue?

  • Company was using Traditional Backup Software, where backup used to happen on 3rd party disk and then Tape
  • No Storage efficiency in Backup Process
  • No Backup DR copy placed
  • No Application aware restoration available
  • No rapid recovery of VM’s available
  • Multiple OEM’s to manage when support is needed

What are the key areas of the complication/dilemma/issue?

  • Traditional Backup Software doing only Backup
  • Need huge Backup Storage as per Retention Period
  • No Secondary Backup copy available
  • Need to recover complete VM, whenever Granular Restoration was required
  • High Restore Window
  • Support & Services.

What were the challenges faced during the resolution of the complication?

  • Customer was very firm about its own architecture
  • Was not ready to come out of tape usage
  • Customer was agreeing om deduplication engine (Had to do POC)
  • Integration with Business Application (Had to do POC)
  • Difficulty in showing SAN based Backup.

How was the issue/complication resolve?

  • Single Management console for Backup & DR
  • Primary copy on Disk i.e, Operational copy which would be beneficial whenever any data loss happens
  • Tape Backup is available for Long Term Retention
  • Arcserve can be used for Backup as a DR
  • Business continuity plan achieved wherein Data is Replicated from Primary site to DR site
  • Granular Restoration whenever Backup Requires
  • Instant VM recovery of Business Critical VM’s instantly whenever Business demands
  • Validation and verification of Backed up Data which gives assurance to customer that data will be recovered whenever needed
  • Backup window 50% reduced data to SSD”S in Arcserve Backup appliance
  • Automatic Failure & Fail-back for DR using Application in Aware Replication
  • Scheduling of Backup & Policies are completely automated, no manual interaction needed
  • Detailed Backup Reports which would be useful for Auditing purpose.


  • Enterprise Cloud Platform
  • Fastest Time to Value
  • Real Time Analysis
  • One Click Upgrade
  • Pay as you grow model
  • Hardware Independent
  • Consolidate Architecture (Hypervisor, Compute & Storage)
  • High performance using Data locality
  • High Availability
  • Linear Scalability ( Without Downtime)
  • Support & Services
  • Pro Active H/W Monitoring
  • Easy to manager using PRISM
  • Services such as AFS & ABS for File & Block Services
  • Lower TCO with high ROI
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