Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. has given security and technically relevant solutions to India’s Leading Retail Food Chain Industry

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. is serving a Leading Retail Food Chain Industry to assist them and act as a bridge to fulfill their IT requirements, it has proved to be the single vendor for all its I.T. Solutions

Leading Retail Food Chain Industry

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Food Industry

Solution Offered:
I.T Solutions

Leading retail food industry is into food service and a restaurant company is operating stores across various brands like Pizza Hut and KFC. It is one of the largest franchisees in the Indian Subcontinent.

What was the issue?
Since being a Retail food chain, they have retail stores all over India. In every shop they have POS installed connected with local LAN and internet-connected to their billing software. In Pune, all their shops had a network connection but there were some or other problems with existing passive networking. They required new points for data and WiFi connection. Their challenge was they were working all 7 days a week from morning 9am uptill 12am. So it was quite challenging for them to rectify the existing networking cable and to install new cabling in working time.

How was the issue/complication resolve?
They consulted NTIPL, a plan was given to them to start the work at night time after the store closes. NTIPL worked till morning 9am without disturbing their existing LAN points and at the last moment, had to terminate all the existing and new points to patch panel which was in rack. We gave them a perfect plan which boosted their confidence and they released the Pune order, which was around 15 stores located all over Pune.

Going ahead NTIPL gave them a solution for WiFi for their corporate office as well as LED signage display solution for their stores.

As well they wanted a single vendor for CCTV for all their location-based in India, for their new upcoming stores to avoid communication with multiple vendors at each location. They approached us and we helped them with CCTV soluton, for all their new upcoming branches all over India.

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. has given them perfect solutions, to optimize their product portfolio from time to time as a single point of contact for all their IT needs.


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