A Leading Co-operative Bank in Western Railway Overcame their Application Issues with NTIPL’s Networking Solution

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Assisted a Leading Co-operative Bank with a Simple, Secure and Cost Effective SD WAN Solution

Leading Co-operative Bank

Palghar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Banking Industry

Solution Offered:
SD WAN Solution (Lavelle Networks)

One of the leading co-operative bank established in the year 1973 was accredited under the Co-operative Bank Act, after receipt of the license from RBI by dedicated people for a public cause in Vasai. The growth and progress of this bank is steady over the years & having strong financials. The bank is functioning at par on most of the parameters, that of the big Commercial/Private Banks viz CBS, RTGS, Personalized Cheque Books, SMS Banking, ATM Cards being swiped all over India & so on. It has grown steadily since 1996. This cooperative bank has now 13 branches from Dahisar (Mumbai) to Palghar, all the branches are situated across Western Railway. In addition to this, the bank owns its Data Center in Bhayander (East). The trust & patronage of the Customers, Shareholders & Well Wishers is believed to be behind the journey.

Brief detail about the complication
Before SD WAN solution came into the picture, the branch users were facing the below challenges :

  • The complete branch was running on a single RF link, there was no redundant link, as a result, the users were facing application slack issue
  • Site survivability i.e., if the RF link goes down due to bad weather conditions the entire branch would face connectivity issues due to DC interruption
  • Unable to achieve efficient link utilization
  • Unable to prioritize business-critical applications
  • High cost was spent for MPLS Link


  • We have configured the RF link and available broadband link at the branch site on the SD WAN device
  • We were able to use both RF and Broadband link in Active-Active manner thereby resolving application slack issue by link aggregation
  • During bad weather conditions if the RF link goes down, we have the backup broadband link available for communication with DC, thus the branch location will still be up and running
  • Set QOS policies for their business applications, due to which user experience has enhanced while accessing the application.

What were the challenges faced during the resolution of the complication ?

  • Since our solution was simple and secure, we did not face any difficulties during deployment.
  • It is zero-touch provisioning based, we just need to power up the SD WAN device at branch side and connect the cables.


  • Lavelle SD WAN solution is simple, secure and cost-effective which helps the bank’s employees to perform their official work more efficiently and without any interruption.



  • Now user experience is improved due to QOS and increased through puts.
  • MPLS link cost was very high which was replaced by cost effective broadband links.
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