The Leading Supply Chain Management Company detects advance threats and enables zero day protection.

Network Techlab helps in the easy operation of threat management, detection and prevention. Gets enterprise-wide visibility and deep analytics they need to stop attacks.

Leading Supply Chain Company

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Solutions Offered:
Cortex XDR endpoint solution


The company is a leading Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions provider in India providing high-quality services with innovative integrated solutions enabling its customers to gain a competitive advantage in the Indian Market.
They provide Integrated Services and pioneer in the field of Warehousing, Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions domestically and overseas.

The Challenge:
The customer was using a premise solution previously due to which threat updates weren’t happening properly also there was a lot of manual work involved in to it. Being in to an on-premise solution there was limited protection from the latest threats. There was a need of Zero-Day protection which was not able to be fulfilled by the existing solution. Software needed to be Installed on different platforms such as windows, MAC and Linux with multiple variants along with various software versions.  There were frequent errors such as Agent Disconnection and Compilation Matrix. Systems were showing protected on tenant but unprotected on the endpoint. Many times agent was not getting installed on the system and leaving some systems unprotected increased the chance of vulnerability.

NTIPL Solution:

After looking at the challenges and after listening to overview from customer, Network Techlab provided solution to address these challenges. We provided with integrated solution Cortex XDR endpoint solution. Solution which we provided takes less deployment time. This reduces the need to deploy new on-premises log storage or network sensors.
We have installed Cortex XDR agent in the cloud environment that ease the deployment to containers. By integrating multiple services together such as compatibility matrix, Proxy server connectivity, systems services troubleshooting and cleaning previously installed agents and residues.


  • Streamlined deployment without on-premises log storage or network sensors
  • Company can now stop evolving threats with a single cloud-delivered agent
  • Cortex XDR WildFire integration enables analysis and for zero-day protection
  • User Entity Behaviour Analytics &  Network Traffic Analysis is possible

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