Second oldest Mutual Fund company in India, enables the user to work from anywhere using Accops remote working solution.

NTIPL assisted the Second oldest Mutual Fund company in India to deploy the seamless work-from-anywhere solution with secured access and huge cost savings.

Second oldest Mutual Fund company in India

Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Mutual Fund

Solutions Offered:
Accops VDI Solutions


The company is second oldest Mutual Fund in India, established in December 1997 and then Partnered with another subsidiary in 2007. Since then it has consistently been one of the fastest-growing mutual funds in India in terms of AuM. Our solutions offer a range of investment options, including diversified and thematic equity schemes, hybrid and monthly income funds and a wide range of debt and treasury products.

In the current situation where work from anywhere is enabled for employees to be more productive every time, they were looking for a solution which can help in workplace transformation solution that would help them to work from anywhere.

The Challenge:

In the existing infrastructure design, employees were using local devices to log in to company apps which might create a data leakage. Every time while deploying new applications into the user’s devices, the IT team has to personally take a remote session to install any software or app. The employer was not sure about the productivity of the employees. There was an increased risk of Cyber-attacks involved as endpoint devices weren’t secured. Validation of legitimate users was not happening and sometimes connecting remote sessions was also a challenging situation.

Convincing management towards the adoption of VDI was not easy over a traditional desktop or laptop. We need to showcase end to end POC of the solution for almost 30 days. Users needed to connect over mobile hotspots from remote locations to check the sustainability of the solution that we were proposing.

NTIPL Solution:

In order to provide with a seamless work from anywhere solution we suggested Accops Hyworks and Hysecure i.e VDI and VPN to overcome all the issues faced by company and execute seamless work from anywhere solution. Now IT Team can easily manage installing apps from anywhere and users can access their business apps from anywhere. All data is now centrally available to manage with this centralized solution. Clipboard control functionality, users are now restricted to use copy paste enabling data leakage prevention. Surfing on internet with wasted interest is not possible as internet block policy is enabled.


Now with Accops Solution, the company saved huge costs on infrastructure space and device maintenance costs for the development team. Accops VDI solution left no data traces on the development endpoints resulting in higher security. The development team was now securely able to access development tools from any location on the device of their own choice.

  • Cost saving on infrastructure, Device maintenance
  • Secured remote access to business-critical apps
  • Anytime, Anywhere access to third-party consultants and unmanaged devices
  • Internet isolation from corporate to remote virtual browser
  • In isolated environments for business-critical apps, access prevents data leakage
  • Controlled environment for devices, apps and OS to prevent security breaches and centralized DC

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