Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. assisted the Multinational Vehicle Manufacturing Industry with Firewall Solutions that made all the important applications like SAP and other internal applications of M&M work smoothly.

India’s Leading Car and Tractor Manufacturing Organization Accomplished Optimum Efficiency in their Internal Applications with the Firewall Protection deployed by NTIPL.

Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing Industry

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Overview :

One of the most leading Multinational Vehicle manufacturing corporation headquartered in India, became the key torch-bearers of the IT revolution in our country. Their focus lies in developing alternate energy sources as they believe Energy Conservation will play a huge role in ensuring a better future – for not just our country and communities, but also to the entire world. It is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers with production in India and the largest manufacturer of Tractors in the world. It was ranked 17th on a list of top companies in India by Fortune India 500 in 2018.

What are the key areas of the issue?

To solve these challenges, firstly we had checked all the Configuration and Routers configured on the Firewall, then we checked logs and found that the traffic was incomplete which means a three-way handshake incomplete.

Later we found the traffic was coming from 1 interface and the reply was coming from another interface, due to which the application was not working.

Challenges with the current solution :

  • The customer was using Traditional UTM devices with basic security as their internal firewall.
  • Being internal firewall it becomes a very critical device, as all the user (Local and Branch) to server traffic were flowing through this firewall.
  • Being such a critical firewall it didn’t have visibility to the list of applications being accessed by the users


To resolve these issues we firstly checked all the policy configuration and routes configured on the firewall, then we checked logs and found that the traffic was incomplete which means a three-way handshake was not getting completed.
Later we found that the incoming traffic was from 1 interface and the reply to that session was going through another interface due to which application was not working.

To mitigate this issue we created policy base routers for a specific server to allow asymmetric routing, as this was a temporary solution.
Actually, they need to change routing at their routers and server side which is the major task for the customer which we have suggested and helped to achieve the same.


  • Prevention for known Malware/exploits with Threat prevention (Threat ID)
  • Command & control prevention with DNS Sinkhole feature
  • Application, Users, threat visibility & reports were available
  • Higher performance & stability for handling the traffic & threat
  • Single-pass parallel processing architecture provides a one-time scanning of a packet
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