Leading specialty chemical innovator centrally managing their network with Alcatel POE Switching

Network Techlab helped in deploying centrally managed switching solutions.

Leading specialty chemical innovator

Gujarat, India.


Solutions Offered:
ALE Switching Solutions

The Company is a leading specialty chemical innovator in Gujarat. They have been working for over 140 years with an approach for the future and constantly reinventing their products and finding new ways of using the material. The company believes that little things can bring powerful change. The company is making safer, more convenient and more environmentally sound solutions for billions of people over ten worlds. The company management believes in constant changes and the same change they wanted to bring in their network and communication experience.

The Challenge:

In the current infrastructure, the company has multiple services such as Data, Wireless and Surveillance which are ultimately connected with the network switches. Managing and sustaining the multiple services and future workload they needed a cost-effective POE (Power over Ethernet) enabled, managed to switch solutions. As headcounts and services increase year on year, the company wanted to build future-proof data and voice communications that is only possible with a reliable network infrastructure.

NTIPL Solution:

The Network Techlab team has evaluated the challenges faced by customers. As there were existing Alcatel Lucent Solutions already installed on the premises, the customer also wanted to go with the same technology with an advanced managing facility. We decided to go ahead with Alcatel Lucent Managed POE Solutions which was cost-effective in the mid-range solutions.

This helps the company, centrally manage their switching and enables network monitoring, centralized network backup, network security and policy enforcement which fundamentally ease their operations.


  • Centralized Visibility, Configuration and Control
  • Improved reliability and increased network security
  • Powerful LAN and Wi-Fi Experience
  • Fast and reliable production environment improves performance

Modern, efficient and reliable communication network infrastructure is vital for the company. Network Techlab and its partners ensure we have the right infrastructure in place – today and in the future.

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