Enhancing Security and Productivity with Accops Digital Workspace at Choice Equity

Network Techlab has successfully implemented a VDI Solution Implementation project for a Choice Equity Broking.

Choice Equity Broking

Maharashtra, India.

Stock Broking

Solutions Offered:
Accops Digital Workspace
HyID (MFA Solution)


Choice Equity Broking Pvt. Ltd, a prominent Mumbai-based full-service stockbroking firm, sought to address several challenges referred to data security, remote access and productivity enhancement. As they are a distributed workforce and diverse financial services portfolio, ensuring secure access to critical applications while maintaining productivity was paramount for them.

The Challenge:

Choice Equity might face multifaceted challenges including data leakage risks from local devices, cumbersome application deployment processes, uncertainty regarding employee productivity and vulnerability to cyber threats. The need to securely connect remote users, reduce support turnaround time, and ensure app delivery in low bandwidth networks added to their dilemma. To resolve this challenge, Choice Equity encountered hurdles such as management reluctance to adopt VDI over traditional desktops, the need for a comprehensive proof of concept (POC), and technical issues related to device redirection and user persuasion.

NTIPL Solution:

After a certain round of discussions, Choice Equity partnered with Accops and Network Techlab to implement a robust end-user computing solution. Leveraging Accops’ Digital Workspace Gold, Choice Equity empowered its IT team to centrally manage computing needs, deliver critical applications securely and separate internet access from the corporate network through a virtual browser. The solution not only prevented data leakage and cyber threats but also streamlined IT deployment, enhanced productivity, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


Cost Savings: Reduced infrastructure and endpoint maintenance costs.

Secure Remote Access: Ensured anytime, anywhere access to critical applications on unmanaged devices.

Cybersecurity: Isolated internet access, protected critical apps from malware attacks, and controlled device, app, and OS usage.

Streamlined IT Deployment: Simplified management and updates, customized desktops, and apps from a centralized location.

Productivity Enhancement: Increased resource utilization, improved user experience, and future-proofed device hardware.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Optimized TCO and minimized environmental impact through green computing practices.

By deploying Accops solution, Choice Equity successfully addressed its security concerns, enhanced productivity and achieved substantial cost savings, positioning itself for future growth and innovation in the competitive stockbroking industry.

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