Diversified Finance Management Company Goes Live On VDI Platform

Remote Working Solution from Network Techlab helps one of the financial companies to save on the hardware cost and enables the workforce using VDI technology during pandemic

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Incorporated in 1979 and registered as a deposit-taking NBFC with Reserve Bank of India under section 45IA of Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. This company is part of their parent group which has significant growth in the Financial Services viz, commercial be vehicle financing business, consumer finance and life and general insurance, stockbroking and distribution of the financial products such as a Life insurance products and units of mutual fund

The company has won the CNBC TV18 Best Bank and Financial Institution Awards of 2012. With increased no. of years of experience, constant efforts of excellent leadership qualities of their team, the Company’s core values are deeply rooted within the team and this has helped them to strengthen their team. The total employee size is more than 25,000 employees.

While the entire world is witnessing the impact of Covid-19, maintaining business resiliency without compromising with the company IT policies became a challenging job. Here in this case our customer also has faced these challenges and implemented work from home policy for their employees.

Need for the Solution:

In view of the current Pandemic situation, employees were not able to reach the office so they were looking for a solution to overcome this issue as managing work with the traditional approach was very complicated.
The result of Global Pandemic is seen everywhere in the world. This has changed the way we were working earlier vs now and in the coming future.
Disruptive use of technology is been useful and blissful in this challenging time. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a drastic increase in the number of users working from home. Giving similar user experience while they use the local devices giving access became challenging.


The entire clock has run too fast during COVID-19 situations and there was no time for internal IT Departments to prepare.

Most of the employees were using local devices which may lead to data leakage and data protection may get harmed. New Applications need to be deployed for users and thus was a pain point for IT to personally take remote of every user and install the same. Most of the companies were implementing work from home for; they were not having concerns of employee productivity.

End users device used by the user was not secured with the help of firewall so there was always a question of vulnerability and threat levels opened. This entire scenario has created the question of the validation of legitimate user experience.

Getting reshaped with the work from home Technology available in the market

The core challenge was to get integrated with WFH Solutions which was by adopting VDI based technology. As a solution, we need to provide the end-to-end proof of concept to the client and that is a time-consuming process during situations like a pandemic.

Convincing the Company’s Management about the traditional desktop/laptop and VDI technology was the key challenge in this entire process. Due to less adoption in the market, we need to deploy a POC solution to get the actual experience of the solution

Solution and Benefits:

After we were done with the POC and the customer got agreed to deploy the VDI technology at their infra, we started working on further project completion.
We have deployed Hyworks/Hysecure i.e. VDI & VPN to overcome all the issues faced by clients while they use their local devices. With Accop’s solution, now their IT team can centrally manage everything and all the data will be centrally available for access. With the help of Clipboard control functionality, we have restricted users from doing Copy/Paste i.e. enabling Data leakage prevention. With the internet block policy, we have restricted users from surfing on unnecessary internet.

With Accops, Work from Home Solution deployed by Network Techlab, the Company has saved huge costs on infrastructure space and device maintenance cost of the development team. Accops VDI solution left no data traces on the development endpoints resulting in higher security. The development team is now securely able to access development tools from any location on the device of their own choice.

• Saved costs for infrastructure and endpoint maintenance.
• Secure remote access to critical business applications.
• Anytime, anywhere access to third-party consultants on unmanaged devices

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