One of the premier construction leader gets protected against Ransomware from Network Techlab.

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. enabled secure protected A premiere construction industry player from the vulnerable threats.

A Premiere Building Construction Company


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Cybersecurity and Ransomware Protection

Overview :

Established in 1978, Runwal Group is Mumbai’s premier real estate organization; operating in the residential, commercial and organized retail verticals. The Company has a robust track record of 51 delivered projects with over 10 thousand families happily living. The organization has continuously striven to keep the ‘customer’ as a focal point in the designing, planning and construction of all its projects.

The company has also been awarded as the “Star Realty – Lords of the Land award” for its excellence in the field of real estate along with other accolades such as the ‘CNBC AWAAZ Real Estate Award’ & the ‘Retail Property of the Year’, just to name a few. Today, the steadfast focus on ‘quality’ has led the organization to be an industry leader and a market-driven construction company renowned for trust and quality-on-time.

“It takes 42 years to build a reputation & a few minutes of Cyber Incident to ruin it”


Network Techlab recommended a Sophos Intercept X as its working is based on signature-less format. This solution consumes less storage and memory space as well as uses fewer CPU cycles to run the process faster and reduce the downtime.

Sophos Intercept X Moving Target Defense stops zero-days, stop unknown threats and advanced indefinite attacks at the very first stages, with the near-zero security team and lowest IT time. In order to solve the challenge of attacks that bypasses security controls and are happening most significantly in the Cyber Security industry. To prevent all these challenges we have set up Sophos Intercept X on the Server and this benefited the client  as below :

  • It auto-detected all the endpoint users in the domain.
  • It pushed a very lightweight agent (Sophos intercept X Protector) to this endpoint device to protect them from security threats.
  • Hassle-free deployment with the help of Sophos Central Manager.


With deployed Solution from Network Techlab Team, Client is now able to see the traffic visibility and is able to achieve below outcomes.

  • Inventory of the resources customer is using on the public cloud with the count.
  • The customer is now getting visibility into the traffic, so in case of any suspicious traffic is hitting the application on the public cloud, we have visibility of the same.
  • As we have visibility of the traffic, the Client can identify if any host is infected or any crypto mining activity is going on.
  • There is a latest cyber-attack like malicious code injection to the system resources
  • Sophos Intercept X cleverly creates a morph copy of the trusted code on the system resources
  • This Sophos copy which is called the Trap, and the cyber-attack is redirected to this Trap, Thus the real system resources get saved, and the attacker gets confused w.r.t the target which he wants to attack. In this way, the attack gets mitigated.
“Sophos Intercept X reduces your IT complexity as it cuts security risk Moving Target Defense prevents exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities so IT teams can patch to their schedule”


  • Ransomware attacks were blocked, and the difference was noticed in one of the endpoint logs
  • Sophos Intercept X with Application Lockdown will automatically terminate a protected application based on its behavior. For example: when an Office application is leveraged to launch PowerShell, run a macro to install arbitrary code, or manipulate critical system areas, Sophos Intercept X will block the malicious action, even when the attack doesn’t spawn a child process.
  • Upon detection, the user is notified, Sophos Clean is triggered to detect potential other malware components, and a root cause analysis incident report is requested and made available to the administrator. In this way, the attack gets mitigated.

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