Leading Paint Manufacturing Company Secures thier Plant Operation from Malware and Vulnerbilties.

Secured SCADA Application, Controllers and Users, Complete Visibility over Applications, Users and Network Traffic in the Plant

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Next-Generation Firewall Security


Backed with strong research and consumer focus approach, Company has been a market leader in Paints since its inception. The company provides a wide range of paints for Decorative and Industrial use and also offers Wall Coverings, Adhesives and Services under the portfolio. The company invests heavily in the research and development as they are into the manufacturing segment and almost every year, they come up with their new products which are regulated by respective authorities. They operate in five worldwide regions, including South Asia, Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Middle East, and the Caribbean. The Company markets five corporate brands and operates through its subsidiary in 10 International markets.


The Company was having a SCADA Framework at their Manufacturing plant and this architecture being used by users working in the plant. SCADA framework is being used on the operational network which is designed internally to operate the controllers and applications used in the plant. This framework was connected to the IT Network, thus could be a gate for the vulnerabilities and threat entry point. Malicious Codes can be implied in the SCADA network framework and the entire plant could get affected and finally, the operation could get stopped just from a single malware.  All the traffic going to the SCADA application was unscanned which was a huge risk for a process-critical unit / Manufacturing Plant.

In the Plant environment where the production line was working 24*7, Getting downtime was simply not possible. Also, to we need to make sure that traffic is not getting delayed or else it could impact the application connectivity and affect the processes. This project was been assigned for many locations, while deploying the solution we also faced changed when we introduced the firewall in the network and changed to the routing firewall.


Team Network Techlab has done extensive research and finds out the best possible way to deploy this firewall appliance with a reduced downtime approach.

While in the deployment of the firewall we verified all the physical connectivity to the SCADA Application, we audited the configuration on the firewall and tested the traffic as desired and made sure that it was working properly. We also checked on the Switch configuration and came to know that there are some issues faced in the VLAN configuration. To make this firewall working we did all the necessary changes and tested that all applications were working properly.


  • Now Company Team is able to get complete visibility of the traffic flowing in the Network. They are able to get all details about the application, users and URL details.
  • All the traffic is being traveled to SCADA Application is being scanned now for the Threats. The firewall now blocks critical, high and medium severity threats based on the policy architecture.
  • They are also able to get complete visibility even if any user is being compromised and trying to get connected over command and control URL. URL filtering is also been active which has multiple categories like malware, command and control, phishing etc.
  • Customer also gets on box detail reporting of application, users and threat daily or weekly or monthly and base on this report IT team can take respective action.
  • The company is now practicing Best Practice Assessment (BPA) to make sure the configuration of the Next Generation firewall is being proper and free tool provided will help them to run this assessment after a specific interval.

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