Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. enabled secure access for the global financial institution to secure their cloud journey and protect their remote users from vulnerable threats.

A Global Financial Institution enabled Secure Access for its AWS cloud journey and protected their branches from vulnerable threats.

A Global Finanacial Institution


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Cloud Security Solution

Overview :

A global Financial Institution established in 1999, is India’s largest and most profitable Mutual Fund manager with ₹3.8trillion in assets under management. During FY18-19 they carried out an IPO (Initial Public Offerings), and became a publicly listed company in August 2018. Currently, 20% of the company is owned by the public.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of Savings and Investment products across asset classes, which provides income and wealth creation opportunities to our large retail and institutional customer base of 9.4 million live accounts.

They serve Customers and Distribution partners in over 200 cities through their network of 220 branches and 1221 employees. Widely spread organization required a Security Solution, to protect their heavy user workload and branches spread over many locations.

As a financial institution, Solutions have had to be deployed with the possibly minimum time. Network Techlab helped them with a Prisma Cloud security solution which is robust and yet simple to deploy in minimum time.


Most of the Cloud service providers clearly announce that security is a shared responsibility. Keeping a platform up 24X7, available and up to date but protecting their own application data running within the public cloud is the responsibility of a customer. Here Customers were under an assumption that public cloud is secured and hence they don’t implement any security solutions. Due to this they were unable to get visibility of the resources used on public cloud traffic and there were no reports generated to monitor the traffic.


With Deployed Solution from experts like Network Techlab, Customer is now able to see the traffic visibility and achieve below outcomes.

  • Customer is now getting visibility of the Inventory from multiple cloud resources in a single dashboard in Prisma Cloud
  • Customers are  now getting visibility into the traffic, thus in case of any suspicious traffic hitting applications on public cloud, we have visibility of the same.
  • As we have visibility of the traffic, in case any host is infected or any cryptomining activity is going on.
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