Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. provided Palo Alto Networks – Next Gen Firewall to leading Healthcare Industry

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Upgraded the Perimeter Security of this Customer with Pala Alto Next Gen Firewall

Healthcare Industry


Pharma Industry

Solution Offered:
Palo Alto Networks – Next Gen Firewall

Product : 
PA 820

Overview :-
We designed Firewall solution for this customer for their perimeter security.

Brief details about the dilemma/ complication/ situation/ issues ?

  1. Ourclient decided to upgrade their 10+ year existing firewall. They evaluated multiple firewalls. We designed a topology with Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall and initiated with Tap mode for monitoring the traffic. After 7 days of monitoring, we observed data that was not supposed to be allowed, malicious traffic and zero days threats and vulnerabilities. This traffic was already bypassing their current checkpoint firewall.
  2. There were many rules, policies and objects in current firewall because of which it was difficult to identify misconfigurations.

What are the key area of the complication/ dilemma/ issues?

  1. While giving recommendation of upgrading firewall, it was necessary to segregate internal servers and internet facing servers. This needed to be segregatedin order to inspect traffic between Internet facing servers and internal servers and users.
  2. There were many unknown rules and configurations applied on the existing firewall.

What were the Challenges faced during the resolution of the complication?

  1. We had to modify IP and network Scheme of Internet facing servers and as the applications were already live, it was a difficult task.
  2. Had to study their existing firewall thoroughly, used Palo Alto migration tool, verified all the configurations before going live.

Benefits :
With Palo Alto Next Gen firewall, the client was able to achieve best in class perimeter security with Application based policies, threat prevention with Wildfire Sandbox technology, User based policies, and segregation between Internet facing servers and User network.


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