Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. provided innovative Face base Attendance Device with Web Base Software (Biomax) for multiple location (13 Locations).

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Helped A Luxurious Builders and Developers to track their team attendance with Face Biometric Solution.

Building and Construction Industry


Solutions Offered
Face-base Biometric Solution


Company  wishes to become the most reliable, respected and professionally managed Real Estate company which builds world-class projects. Having said that, obviously build a lifelong relationship with all its customers, partners and stakeholders. The company’s mission is to continuously innovate and create the best properties, appropriate to the social and environmental context, by providing the best quality and value to our customers.

Brief Details about the Dilemma/ Complication/ Situation/ Issues?

 They were using manual register base attendance entry to maintain the attendance for 13 locations was a challenge. They used to manually upload user attendance data in HRMS –Salary calculation was a time consuming process. Due to manual dependency they needed to deploy additional staff where chances of error occurrence were high & Data manipulation was again a concern.

What are the key areas of the Complication/ Dilemma/ Issues?

 They wanted a centralized attendance solution, as they were having 13 different locations and any person can mark his attendance at any of location for a particular day on the location he is working on. They wanted auto integration with HRMS software.

What are the Challenge faced during the resolution of the complication?

We Installed devices in 13 locations, as being a Face based devices the alignment required to mark the attendance was not proper; so the client was facing issues in marking the employee’s attendance. Also the time taken to mark the attendance was more than the normal. 

How was the Issue/ Complication resolve?

Once we realized that the issue was not with the device but the placement of the device, we took the help of our OEM and re-located all the devices at the defined height and with proper alignment. While the installation of Face based Biometric devices, we monitored the alignment with proper placemen of the device.


  • Manual process eliminated with fully automated Attendance process.
  • Accuracy of the data is 100%.
  • Centralized Attendance data for all the locations.
  • Auto Upload attendance User Entry in HRMS.
  • With the help of the Employee portal feature in the Software they can view their attendance data and apply Leaves as well.
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