NOCIL has been assisted for the solution of 10 kVA UPS conserving the purpose of excellent power back up to the Business.

NTIPL has deployed 10 kVA UPS at NOCIL for a primary factor of power back up and huge saving on electricity bills.




Pawane, Navi Mumbai – 400705.


Rubber Chemicals Manufacturer

Solution Offered –

10 kVA UPS (2 no’s)

Overview –

NOCIL‘s involvement in the Rubber chemicals business spans over 4 decades. They are one of the few players in this business to offer wide range of rubber chemicals to suit the customer needs. NOCIL is today acknowledged as a dependable supplier of rubber chemicals. Globally we are recognized for our technical capabilities and on this aspect alone, NOCIL enjoys an edge over other players in this business.

NOCIL today is the Largest Rubber Chemicals Manufacturer in India with the State of the Art Technology for the manufacture of rubber chemicals. Being prominent in the sector of manufacturer, there are huge machines installed in the plant to process with product output, however in the MIDC area, there are restrictions of energy usage, leading to short circuit, power crunch or breakdown, load shedding in monsoon season, hence requirement of UPS back up was necessary to avoid any effect for production process.

Challenges –

Client has indicated us problem in the following explanation particularly –

  1. Current UPS was concerning issue to the critical application leading imbalance situation.
  2. The site where customer organization is located caused problem to current UPS system.
  3. Client trust was broken due to inappropriate services, however we ensured customer by showing them live demo session of Vertiv UPS and gained back the trust.
  4. Insignificant output of power back up made the critical load work uneasy.


Why Innovation was required / Solutions offered –

Power crunch, unexpected breakdown and load shedding can led your system & applications work defectively. Similarly, this factor can cause a severe problem to electrical distribution which in turn can effect to productivity & management of the Business, & due to this an organization has to bear the loss of huge amount due to irresponsible cooperation.

To avoid such clause, the company has subsequently inquired for changing with the current UPS system which was causing a critical problem to server & application, however with the help of customer trust that we gained, we provided them with excellent working UPS system that not only produced a power back up but also facilitated huge cost savings.


Conclusion –

  1. Our solution has made a huge difference between pre and post installation of UPS which has made cost saving factor to them.
  2. After a tentative struggle experienced of trust gain over product, we re-build back the customer trust by showing with live demo session.
  3. UPS has made a way of saving on energy/electricity bills.
  4. Our 10 kVA UPS has made their work stabled ensuring uncertain data loss to be prevented.
  5. We have assured customer with anytime service support for any glitches or problem occur.

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